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How SYSPRO’s ERP Smart Manufacturing Solutions Drive Business Success

On-demand Webinar: How SYSPRO’s ERP Smart Manufacturing Solutions Drive Business Success

Smart Manufacturing involves adding a level of intelligence to the manufacturing process through digital technologies. While manufacturers recognize the need to leverage the power of innovative technologies, the question is whether they know where to begin and how to make it happen.

To answer this question, for the past 9 years analyst firm Mint Jutras has conducted an annual ‘Enterprise Solution Study’ to investigate the perceptions, goals, challenges and status of software used to run a business.

In this on-demand webinar , Cindy Jutras, Founder & President of Mint Jutras discusses the key findings of her report with Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO and Darren Edwards, Sales Enablement Manager at SYSPRO. The webinar also deep dives into the three pillars on which Digital Transformation should be based and how SYSPRO can support your Smart Manufacturing journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Defining the concept of Smart Manufacturing and why it’s important to growing manufacturing companies
  • What to consider when plotting your Smart Manufacturing Journey
  • How does SYSPRO support your journey towards Smart Manufacturing?

Webinar Moderator

Darren Edwards
Sales Enablement Manager at SYSPRO

Webinar Presenters

Cindy Jutras
Founder & President of Mint Jutras

Paulo de Matos
Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO

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