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The limitless possibilities of business digitalization

With the need to not only survive, but to thrive in the future, industries are seeing business digitalization as a business requirement. The boundary between digital and physical is continuing to blur, new technologies are disrupting the status quo and business digitalization is opening the door to infinite possibilities – with profound implications for the way companies will do business going forward.

Naturally, these technologies, and their rapid rate of evolvement, come with their own challenges. However, those that recognize these technologies as opportunities for growth and wholeheartedly embrace them, are sure to flourish and prosper. And no one is better equipped to take this journey towards business digitalization with you than SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

6.8 trillion

The projected value of direct investments in digital transformation between 2020 and 2023.
(IDC, 2020)
Benefits of ERP Digitalization to Your Business:
Many manufacturers are discovering that while their ERP solutions were designed to fit their current business needs, they don’t have the capacity to successfully carry the organization into the future. This is often because the solution does not have well-defined integration services and APIs that can extend beyond the enterprise to incorporate new digital technologies.
Integration with other line-of-business, third-party products and online platforms such as e-commerce sites, providing easy information interchange with external devices such as tablets and scanners. Unified workflows providing a consolidated view of businesses and operational aspects.
Digital moment, event and workflow orchestration. Shop floor sensors and new technologies such as AI will predict, prevent and even rectify equipment failure, while automatically optimizing processes, maximizing productivity and minimizing costs. Easier collaboration and information sharing with business partners. Machine learning and predictive search will surface intelligence that provides end-to-end visibility, real-time status information, unprecedented traceability and more. Supply chains will become conduits of information that foster transparency and collaboration among factories, suppliers, retailers and customers.

AI is able to pick up trends in customer behaviour and then push relevant information to you, taking your ERP from a simple system of record, to one of proactive engagement. Collaborative filtering aids your sales team by examining past similar transactions and then revealing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Sales people can choose to follow key information on specific customers. If anything in the ERP database affects those customer, like an address change, a new sales order, an invoice or even a credit limit update, the follower will see it in their feed, without them having to run reports or do queries.

By employing a Digital Citizen in your business, you could provide your customers and your suppliers with an always-on, consistent and improved customer experience, 24/7, across the globe. Digital self-service agents can even act as personal assistants within your business – providing insights and information, running price queries, stock lookups, order status and more. AI bots are able to predict trends and respond to queries quickly and accurately.

Chat Bots will talk with customers. With these digital citizens taking over known or repetitive tasks, your human people are freed up to do what they do best, improving efficiencies and adding new value to all stakeholders.

APIs form the central line that connects the various technologies within your organization, and they need to interact securely with other systems whether they are on-premise, or in the cloud. When queries are run, it’s the API that determines whether the inputted requests have the appropriate permissions, and then returns the requested data if they do. It also controls what data can be requested and how it is received. A well-defined API will return requested data quickly and securely, saving time; cutting costs; and increasing efficiency and productivity. The integration also means that detecting fraud is easier as AI identifies anomalies in customer or internal sales orders, requisitions and purchase orders, and then alerts relevant people immediately.
By making use of Machine learning and A.I. SYSPRO will help you take advantage of structured and unstructured data that serves up previously identified insights, highlights exceptions, anomalies and emerging trends in your business, and aids in helping you make better and more informed decisions. Ultimately, people will be freed up to do what they do best, use their creativity and imagination to innovate, create, build stronger relationships, service existing customers and source new ones.

Digitalize your business with SYSPRO ERP

Manufacturers need to understand clearly where they stand in terms of digital supply chain technology, to discern where investment in technology will deliver the most strategic benefit and to plan accordingly.

No one is better equipped to take this journey towards business digitalization with you than SYSPRO. With our focused approach to adopting the emerging technologies that are adding value, simplifying complexity and providing a competitive advantage, SYSPRO provides much of the foundational framework for smart, connected factories:

Making sense of data

The coupling of ERP and machine learning AI has allowed manufacturers to make sense of structured and unstructured data. Previously unidentified trends, exceptions, and anomalies in your business are brought to the fore, helping to improve decision-making.

With embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To facilitate the integration of exponential technologies, SYSPRO made a significant investment in embedding Artificial Intelligence as a first-class citizen in its latest release, which offers customers the choice in the adoption of a number of emerging and disruptive digital technologies including Connected Services; Azure IoT Hub; Azure ML/AI; and Azure Bot.

By leveraging SYSPROs algorithmic business

Making use of Machine learning and AI you are able to make sense of structured and unstructured data, serving up trends not previously identified and highlighting exceptions, anomalies and emerging trends in your business, aiding in better decision-making.

By incorporating digital citizens

Artificial Intelligence means customers deal with an intelligent and human-like chatbot that answers and even predicts customer queries quickly. The (AI) web robot resides within the SYPRO ERP ecosystem and streamlines business functions through natural conversations with the Bot. Bot agents orchestrating operations for known or repetitive tasks, serving new value to all stakeholders and improving efficiencies.

With Connected Services and APIs

As you begin to digitizalize your operations by integrating IoT devices, and business partners across your supply-chain, the need for connected services and API’s will become even more apparent. Whether you are integrating to intelligent devices such as IoT, business partners across your supply-chain or to other systems be they on-premise or in the cloud, SYSPRO ERP provides well defined integration services and APIs enabling flexible interactions, orchestrating data, messages and business moments.

Unparalleled deployment and usage flexibility

Particularly for multi-national businesses, an ERP system that offers services on a platform that operate seamlessly whether accessed on-premise, or in the cloud. When developing features for our latest release we focused on improving on our automation and data exchange capabilities to support the Internet of Things and cloud computing to provide users with unparalleled deployment and usage flexibility, and to supply ubiquitous, real-time information through device- and platform-agnostic software.

Providing a familiar and personalized social ERP

The best way to improve collaboration between colleagues, departments, customers and suppliers today, is to implement Social ERP, which allows you to communicate instantly with your network of associates. Social ERP answers the needs of the millennial user by incorporating a familiar and personalized social media-type interface on which to do business. It increases responsiveness, and enables a real-time view into customer sentiments, relevant emerging data trends and significant business movements, such as the status of a job, overdue payments or potential late deliveries. Similarly, buyers can follow stock codes and if anything happens against the stock code it shows up in their feed.

Digital technology transforming the way supply chains function

Today’s digital supply chains are seen as an intermediate stage between the traditional supply chain and third generation supply networks embedded in a fully digitized industrial new age known as Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Currently, a digital supply chain comprises the same basic elements that have existed since organized commerce began (plan, source, make and deliver, others may be included, e.g. develop, return, support), all of which are discrete, sequentially linked operations. Activity in a supply chain element depends on information coming from another element in the sequence.

Almost every modern manufacturer’s supply chain may be described to some extent as a digital supply chain, as companies by now have digital technology involved in one or more of these elements. In the best examples, every section of the chain uses digital technology to enhance operational performance whereby manufacturers have engaged with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to process and harness the data produced.

Supply chains are incredibly complex and very few manufacturers operate a supply chain that is fully digitized, end-to-end visibility and operating in a dynamic network, but the day is fast approaching when everything will be driven by technology.

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Your ERP system can help digitalize your organization. The key is to ensure that it is future-fit; that it has the capacity to act as the heart of your organization; and that it can provide you with the critical information you will need during the transformation process. 


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