SYSPRO Global Senior Leadership Team

The senior leadership team is responsible for setting and implementing the group strategy. They are responsible for managing the company’s core business operations and initiatives and establishing company-wide policies, procedures and standards. They lead strategic planning and critical decision- making.

Jaco Maritz

Global Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO

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Johan Conradie

Global Chief Financial Officer, SYSPRO

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Sandra Fraga

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, SYSPRO

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Paulo de Matos

Chief Product Officer, SYSPRO

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JP van Loggerenberg

Chief Services and Technology Officer, SYSPRO

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Chris Lloyd

Chief Product and Engineering Officer, SYSPRO

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Terence Moolman

Chief People and Strategy Officer, SYSPRO

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Mark Wilson

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO EMEA and APAC

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Brian Rainboth

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO Americas

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SYSPRO Executive Leadership Team

The executive leadership team is responsible for the operationalization of the business strategy by providing regular updates to the senior leadership team to ensure that they are informed, empowered, and enabled to contribute to the SYSPRO decision-making process. It is also their responsibility to ensure that stakeholders and employees are informed and held accountable for delivery.

Kevin Dherman

Chief Innovation Officer, SYSPRO

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Chris Altman

Sales Operations Executive, SYSPRO

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Shane Meerholz

Support Services Executive, SYSPRO

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Nicole Engels

Talent Executive, SYSPRO

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Michael Bennett

Global Channel Executive, SYSPRO

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Nhlakanipho Zondi

Marketing Operations Executive, SYSPRO

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Darren Edwards

Head of Product Operations, SYSPRO

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Kim Fouche

Executive: Application and Data Services, SYSPRO

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Matthew Gordon-Box

Product Manager, SYSPRO

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Annie Jurbandam

Head of People Operations, SYSPRO

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Emma Gee

Consulting & Governance Services Executive, SYSPRO

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