Consider the cost of not having a traceability system in place

The recent spate of highly publicized global recalls has shown how costly recalls can be, with knock-on effects such as litigation, reputational damage and even bankruptcy.

Product recalls can really hurt your business

Although many companies think they have measures in place to combat product recalls, the statistics speak for themselves. Until CEOs recognize this and plan for and install a robust traceability system, it will be business as usual for manufacturing companies – in other words, learning their lesson the hard way.

Get expert guidance

Learn more from Professional Engineer and Product Operations Manager, Roger Landman, on laying the foundation for implementing a robust traceability system and a failsafe recall management plan.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • Background to traceability
  • Legislative considerations
  • How to create a traceability system
  • Product recall procedures and plans
  • The role of SYSPRO ERP

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Supplementary guide to managing traceability and product recalls

In this Guide we provide more information on recall trends, causes and legislative considerations, as well as a checklist for:

  • Implementing a robust traceability system
  • Formulating a pro-active product recall plan
  • ERP pre-requisites to support your quality and safety management systems.