Being Connected vs. Being Optimized

There is a drive in the world as a whole, but especially in the ERP sector, where a lot of time and effort is being invested into becoming and staying connected. However, being connected all the time isn’t always the best solution. Being connected doesn’t necessarily mean that you, or your ERP system, is optimized.  […]

By Benita Ravyse
Girl Geek Yogi

Motorcycles, ERP, and the Art of Manufacturing Operations

  Have I mentioned my love affair with motorcycles? For years I’ve been addicted to…

By Jakes Mantle

Making Governance and Compliance Part of the Manufacturing Process

The week of 17-23 November was Fraud Awareness Week (, and this makes it an appropriate time…

By JP van Loggerenberg

3 Ways Personalized ERP Will Boost Your Business in 2020

We are on the verge of a new and exciting decade, and the pace of…

By Dawna Olsen

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