Why Software Upgrades are Essential

Whether it’s upgrading to the latest version of your ERP, or your computer’s operating system, we often hesitate to click the ‘update’ button, especially for first iterations. Bill Gates aptly captioned this: “People always fear change”. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they?” Whether that fear stems from a perceived risk, or the […]

By Mariekie Coetzee
The Courageous Geek

3 Reasons to Treat Your ERP Software like an Asset

ERP systems are substantial business investments, yet their perceived value is often allowed to depreciate…

By JP van Loggerenberg

The Machine that Changed the World, or an Introduction to Lean Manufacturing and ERP

The Industrial Machinery and Equipment market is all about machines – designing, making, modifying, selling,…

By Roger Landman

6 Important Factors when Investing in the Right ERP Supplier

Industry 4.0 (deemed the fourth industrial revolution) has brought about rapid change and digital transformation.…

By Louise Thompson

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