Insights on Business Management Software and ERP

Industry-built ERP: Tackling Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Challenges

By 24 May 2018

The Industrial Machinery and Equipment (IM&E) manufacturing industry faces some unique challenges, many of which have been around for some time. While generic ERP systems may be adequate for... read more

Developing Applications that Improve the User Experience

By 22 May 2018

I have always seen applications or websites as transacting tools.  An exchange is happening between myself and the application, I give it information and it returns information.  Justin Davis,... read more

ERP Solutions for Improved Planning, Production and Automation in the Manufacturing Industry

By 17 May 2018

Since the ‘90s, businesses have used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to get a better view of what is happening across their organization. It originally evolved as a system of... read more

The Infinite Possibilities of Mobile ERP

By 16 May 2018

Parents, especially those who had kids later in life (as I did), will occasionally find themselves explaining things that make them feel…well…ancient! The other day, for example, I was... read more

How to Maximize your Food and Beverage Supply Chain with ERP

By 10 May 2018

Taking the food supply chain for granted these days is risky. Different rules apply when bacteria is found in your product as opposed to, for example, the odd squirt... read more

Digital Twins: “Living Models” Create Value from Data Streams for Electronic Manufacturers

By 08 May 2018

We live, and work in a world, where Big Data management tools, affordable cloud computing and storage, and AI machine-learning algorithms, have converged to provide us with a constant... read more