What do Pizza and ERP have in Common?

The idea behind Aristotle’s philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts has always baffled me. If I have an 8-slice pizza and I add up all the slices, I still have one pizza, so how can one pizza be greater than its 8 slices?

By Gavin Verreyne
The Solution Chef

The Digital Supply Chain Part 3: 5 Steps to Positioning for Optimization

“What a business needs most for its decisions – especially strategic ones, is data about…

By Rishal Balkissoon

Why People Participation is Crucial for Technological Change

Time and again we have seen the same story play out in sci-fi movies: the…

By Nick McGrane

SYSPRO Gets It Right on Avanti with Ease of Use

I recently attended the SYSPRO analyst update to hear about their new developments and continued…

By Bryan Ball

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