How ERP Takes the Customer Experience to the Next Level

A couple of decades ago, the expression ‘customer experience journey’ was virtually non-existent.  Although businesses had placed the customer at the center of their operations, many customer touchpoints remained an open secret. In fact, it was not until the 1990s, or the internet-driven ‘decade of discovery’, that businesses had a more honest view of what their […]

By Louise Thompson
Blue Sky Thinker

Innovation: The Key to Africa’s Industrialization Journey

   “Industrialisation is the motive behind economic growth, and although Africa has made strides in this…

By Deirdré Fryer

WiFi Turns 20, Connecting to ERP Has Never Been Easier

Pop the bubbly and cut the cake, because of 2019 marks 20 years since the…

By Kevin Dherman

How Traceability and Quality Control Helps to Manage Recalls and Returns

What do exploding phones, automobile exhaust emission problems, and food and drug contamination have in…

By Roger Landman

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