How to Minimize Bugs in the Software Innovation Process

“Everybody’s got a plan ‘til they get punched in the mouth” said the polemical pugilist Mike Tyson. That describes how we feel in the Innovation Team when an error comes through from the support teams. After recently finalizing our development roadmap and starting our first sprints for enhancements due in 2020 we certainly had a […]

By Rob Hurry
The Intrepid Developer

4 Ways in Which ERP Provides a Competitive Edge

We are constantly told that the world of business is becoming increasingly cut-throat and that…

By Deirdré Fryer

Consumers are Driving the Demand for Digital Manufacturing through Customization

With a focus on smart factories and digital manufacturing, Canadian Manufacturers must change their business…

By Mike Hutson

Using Technology to Create Manufacturing-data Storytelling

I have always been fascinated by User Experience (UX), which is why I was delighted…

By Mariekie Coetzee

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