CFO 4.0 – Manufacturing & Cybercrime – Assessing your Financial Risk

Sometimes it takes an unfortunate occurrence, initiated by malicious actors, to drive home the realization that we operate our businesses under the predatory gaze of thieves. For me, despite years of experience in risk identification, mitigation, and transference, that defining event came several weeks ago, when I found an email in my in-box from one […]

By Sanjay Galal
The Disruption Balancer

How Traceability can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Recalls are expensive and often extremely damaging to not only the brands involved but the…

By Mark Wilson

How to Maintain the Supply Chain in the COVID-19 Crisis

    The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020.…

By Roger Landman

Effective Traceability – An Insurance Policy for the Electronics Industry

Product recalls are one of the biggest risks that manufacturers have to face. According to the insurance industry, the…

By Chris Burnett

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