6 Challenges Facing Procurement and How to Address Them

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are far from over and a recovery timeframe is anything but certain. Among the strategies that businesses are adopting during this time in order to keep costs in check and reduce the size of layoffs, is to focus on procurement to maintain ongoing supplies of materials and components, and […]

By Darren Edwards
Sales Enablement Manager at SYSPRO
Trusted Trouble-Shooter

Customer Queries Hit an All-time High during Covid-19

When lockdown began, business and service provider customer support teams anticipated query loads would lessen,…

By Menwil Gordon

5 Ways Australian Manufacturers will be more Competitive in the Challenging Post-Pandemic

Over the last few months, the movement towards favoring local Australian made goods has gained…

By Rob Stummer

How Procurement can Improve Inventory Management

One thing that procurement departments are working intensively on at the moment is how to…

By Doug Hunter

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