Insights on Business Management Software and ERP

The Digital Supply Chain (Part 1)

By 21 August 2018

When it comes to harnessing the power of technology, not all business functions have been treated with equal priority. In fact, research shows that despite the clear benefits of... read more

Why Education is Crucial to Digital Business Transformation

By 16 August 2018

How can businesses thrive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is bringing with it digital business transformation? The short answer is through continued education – we all have a... read more

An Engaging ERP UX is as Important as its Functionality

By 15 August 2018

Have you ever been lost in an application? Or frustrated because you are unable to find what is required from you within an application? How many times have you... read more

The many Faces of Business Mobility

By 07 August 2018

Mobility covers many facets of life. It could describe cargo transportation or people bussing to and from work. What about displacing people to other areas or countries to avoid... read more

Finding Workable Solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance Part 2

By 03 August 2018

Hard to believe that there are over 100 000 information security breaches at listed companies every day. South Africa has the benefit of the King Commission into Corporate Governance (or... read more

8 Steps to Selecting the Right ERP

By 31 July 2018

Amazingly, the ERP industry is now over 40 years old. In 40 years, most veterans of ERP will have noted that the ERP industry has transformed from an ‘ERP solution... read more