Integrating your external and internal Business Processes is key to getting the most out of your ERP Software. SYSPRO's ERP Solution provides a complete Integration Framework through to Client Interface.

SYSPRO's External Integration allows your business system to:

  • Allow customers to email you orders, or place orders over the Internet, without having to recapture the information manually
  • Let trusted suppliers update the status of an order on your system
  • Perform a stock-take with a handheld device
  • Enable web access so that your mobile workforce can query stock and place orders while on the road
  • Integrate an industry-specific application with SYSPRO
  • Be sure you can upgrade to a newer version of SYSPRO without worrying about re-writing custom programs
  • Easily customize SYSPRO's business functionality to suit your specific requirements
  • Use Microsoft Word and Excel to display information from SYSPRO

SYSPRO Integration Framework enables you to extend your SYSPRO ERP application to work with other systems within the enterprise, and to extend beyond the enterprise, encouraging:

  • Integration with other line-off-business third-party products
  • Information interchange with external devices
  • Access to applications via the web
  • Easier collaboration and information sharing with business partners
  • Improvements to the user interface

SYSPRO Integration Framework includes three services:

  1. SYSPRO Solutions

  2. SYSPRO Client Interface

  3. SYSPRO Document Flow Manager

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