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Leading International ERP Analysts Review SYSPRO’s Latest Release Favorably


SYSPRO recently announced the global release of its latest solution which paves the way for digital business by delivering cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, BOTS and the Internet of Things. SYSPRO’s ERP Solution offers choice and flexibility. It is ERP your way and on your terms.

Find below what the world’s leading ERP Analysts are saying about SYSPRO’s latest release:

“It’s becoming obvious that the juggernaut looming in Infor’s rear-view mirror is SYSPRO. Its target market has moved upstream in 2017-18 (average client size has increased by 7% year-over-year); it hit its 15,000th customer, supported by a network of more than 1,600 partners in 62 countries; and it has diversified its significant manufacturing and distribution base, into automotive, food & beverage, and electronics.  With 40 years of expertise behind it and some of the most sophisticated tech in the ERP world, SYSPRO is a firm to watch closely.”


Robert Mahowald, Senior Vice President, 451 Research Group

“The July 2018 release of SYSPRO 8 gives the ERP industry its most approachable implementations of the newest innovations: Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). SYSPRO 8’s “AI to UI” engine includes an ML designer for non-technical users to design their own AI models, to give users the very specific insights, predictions, and anomaly detection they need – and weeds out what they don’t need. So users can build views that “learn” from repeated user actions around suppliers (likelihood of on-schedule delivery); production (predicting final job costs); cash flow (predictions in working capital management); and sales orders (contextual recommendation engine), and provide views, alerts, and remediation paths based on the combined experience of users.”


Robert Mahowald, Senior Vice President, 451 Research Group

SYSPRO got an early start in the digitalization movement due to their shop-floor integration, and then they continued to innovate beyond the four walls onto the mobile platform, which they showcased and released in 2014. Though today that seems a given in the market, it was a big stake in the ground to really make this work. Not only was it an innovation for the time, but considering today’s workforce—millennials who stare all day at their smart phones—a prescient move at the time. That move has given them, now, four years of innovation on the mobile platform, creating a sophisticated and fully functional experience.


ChainLink Research |IoT and AI with SYSPRO
Ann Grackin, ChainLink Research, July 24 2018

Unfortunately, the majority of ERP solution providers for manufacturers and distributors have failed to provide a complete set of tools to help their customers succeed on the path of digital transformation. SYSPRO stands out from the pack not only because they provide a complete set of modern platform capabilities (IoT, social, mobile, AI, and cloud) to support a customer’s journey in this period of digital disruption, but also because these capabilities have been thoroughly integrated into SYSPRO ERP.


The look and feel of SYSPRO 8 is quite good. It’s not just a pretty or slick navigation bit. It is tiles and panels that contain information to inform (not just guide) users. It is also a UX that can get even more helpful and informative when a customer implements the IoT functionality. All of the items above help make SYSPRO 8 more market relevant and attractive to customers.


TechVentive | Four very likeable things in SYSPRO 8

Brian Sommer, TechVentive, July 25 2018

With the full suite of innovative technologies such as AI bots, IoT, and mobile functionality, SYSPRO competes with any vendor on delivering disruptive capabilities in the mid-market.


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