SYSPRO's Power Tailoring capabilities allow for the personalization of the software to meet an organizations requirements. It enables the creation of user-defined views using various components such as graphs, listviews and web applications, as well as creating forms and embedding complete .NET applications directly in to SYSPRO. These views can be defined using built-in templates or constructed as required using VBScripting, and business objects.

The benefits of Customized Panes

  • Out-of-the-box functionality provided by the built-in templates for high-level views of organizational information and performance
  • Integration between customized panes and the standard SYSPRO product enables customization of the SYSPRO user interface to exacting requirements
  • Built-in VBScripting capabilities enables simple integration with SYSPRO Solutions business objects for seamless data retrieval and addition of functionality to Customized Panes
  • Desktop alert notifications for immediate action when values exceed pre-defined tolerances
  • Integration of external data into the SYSPRO Customized Panes for a single interface across systems
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