Infographic – The Inflection Point for the Factory of the Future

Infographic Focused On How Manufacturers and Distributors Handled the Shift During the Pandemic.

2020 has been a year that has seen unprecedented disruption for most industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the pandemic, the world could not afford for manufacturing and distribution to grind to a halt.

In this free, downloadable Infographic, we provide:

  • Key Insights into our recent study into business resiliency during the pandemic
  • The big reasons behind supply chain disruptions during the pandemic
  • Emerging industry trends and the technology solutions needed in the “new normal”

“Businesses have come to realize that in order to overcome supply chain disruptions, their business operations need to become more agile moving forward. Here, industry-built technology solutions will deliver industry specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors to optimize and simplify operations, stay current and in control”

– Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO


Infographic - The Inflection Point