Synresins makes 90% return on investments with SYSPRO 8 upgrade

“Despite the teething problems we experienced during the upgrade, I would highly recommend SYSPRO 8 as it has great features. If there is SYSPRO 9, I don’t mind being the first company to upgrade.”

-Mira Shah, CEO Synresins

Customer Profile

Synresins Limited, established in 1982, is based in Nairobi’s Industrial area. It is a mid-sized company with 75 employees and is the largest manufacturer of synthetic resin in East and Central Africa with an installed annual capacity of 10,000 MT. The company sells its products directly to its customers with the biggest market being the paint industry. It also supplies to the paper, textile and leather industries.

The Business Challenge

After the deployment of SYSPRO 6 for more than 8 years, there was a need to get a software solution that complimented the dynamics of the growing business. Transactions were slow to process, and timely reports difficult to generate. Company operations had slowed down.

The Solution

Synresins became the first company to upgrade to SYSPRO 8 in Africa in 2018. It has 20 active users spread across Finance, Production and Supply Chain departments.

Digitalizing with SYSPRO 8 to Optimize Business Opportunities

Today the operations have been simplified and streamlined by SYSRPRO 8 freeing up time for employees to focus on the core business of the company. “I can generate a sales or inventory report at a click of a button. My staff do not have to spend hours putting together reports. Extracting a report from SYSPRO 6 was very difficult because it was not possible to extract the reports in excel or PDF formats said Mira Shah, Synresins CEO.

SYSPRO 8 has made it very easy for Synresins to analyze complex data and get business insights that enable timely decision making. Increased visibility into operational performance has accelerated decision making and turnaround time.

In addition, with SYSPRO 8, Synresins can easily configure the system to better suit its unique business needs and streamline its business processes.

“SYSPRO 8 has enabled us to enhance our quality assurance. We have put controls in our system that ensure no product can be sold to a customer without our lab team approving it. When a product is ready for sale, the sales team cannot generate an invoice until the lab team approves the product on the system. These configurations enable us to guarantee quality of our products and ensure internal processes are adhered to,” said Mira.

Another module that Synresins is taking advantage of is the Landed Cost Tracking module to track their raw material imports. Importing involves dealing with many agents, a load of paperwork and payments. This module has enabled Synresins to track the raw materials they import, the cost incurred and the time it takes to get them from the supplier. Before deployment of SYSPRO 8, it took a week to consolidate the costs and reports. Today the system updates real-time saving the company a lot of man hours.

Realizing quantifiable business benefits

“SYSPRO as a company has great customer support. Our transition to SYSPRO 8 had many challenges, but through tremendous support from the SYSPRO team, we were able to navigate through and enjoy the benefits of the upgrade. Despite the teething problems we experienced during the upgrade, I would highly recommend SYSPRO 8 as it has great features. If there is SYSPRO 9, I don’t mind being the first company to upgrade,” said Mira.

The ability to quickly analyze complex data, get business insights, make timely decisions, eliminate mundane tasks and reduce the number of man-hours in admin related tasks has seen a return on investment of about 90% and a 40% increase in employee productivity since the company upgraded to SYSPRO 8




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