StarFish Medical

Leveraging SYSPRO’s Flexibility to Meet Traceability Requirements

“SYSPRO is super flexible. With their team, we have a partnership that has allowed us to create processes and customizations that work really well for us and help us meet the requirements of our customers.”

– Kathryne Young, Director of Manufacturing, StarFish Medical

StarFish Medical

StarFish Medical is Canada’s leading medical device design service provider and manufacturer with facilities in Toronto and Victoria. Since 1999, StarFish has been helping entrepreneurial engineers, researchers, doctors and startups to create new devices and ways to help patients in need. They take a concept for a medical device and bring it to life.

The Challenge

StarFish has been growing consistently over the years so, to support their larger scale of operations, they needed to adopt new processes to replace the ones they had outgrown. As a medical device company, StarFish is required to adhere to stringent compliance regulations. As part of the documentation required in an ISO 13485 environment, they needed the capability to flawlessly manage the traceability of their products – both parts and sub-parts – from raw materials to finished products and everything in between. Records across production, planning, inventory control, and purchasing were managed manually. As a result, their quality control department invested time to ensure records were complete and accurate.

The Solution

SYSPRO implemented custom reporting through an open work order report, purchase order, and sales order report. This gave StarFish the ability to drill down through all levels of production, understand which parts were brought in from which vendor, implement vendor qualification validation, and help them meet their traceability requirements in an automated fashion without any manual intervention.

The Outcome

SYSPRO provides them the visibility they need to identify which sub parts are in production, whether they have been allocated or used in the final product assembly, and to track and trace parts and sub parts to meet their compliance obligations. The automated processes free up time of multiple operations, planning and quality control personnel, who earlier had to manually transcribe serial part information and save it as parts moved from purchasing through production all the way to the finished product.


By automating record tracking and having the ability to drill down across production levels, StarFish has been able to gain phenomenal efficiency. It saves them tremendous time that was earlier invested in enforcing control for their traceability requirements and manually compiling records for meeting compliance obligations. With SYSPRO they have a reliable system which has the information they need and offers them the agility to leverage additional functionality along with customizing processes as required.


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