Skillcraft Removes Limitations with SYSPRO 8 in the Cloud


Skillcraft Removes Limitations with SYSPRO 8 in the Cloud

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“SYSPRO 8 supports the sharing of information throughout my business. The dissemination of information to my staff is of utmost importance and critical to our success.”

Angelo Angelos – Skillcraft Agencies, Managing Director

Customer Profile

Skillcraft was started in 1991 as a general wholesale supplier of tools, general hardware, security products, architectural hardware and household fittings. In the years since, Skillcraft has morphed into a brand focused hardware wholesaler. They pride themselves on providing industrial quality tools at affordable prices.

The Mission

From their early days on IMPACT Award, the group that owns Skillcraft has been using SYSPRO for decades. When the company selected Solid System to be their new Information Technology service provider, their IT department underwent a complete overhaul, from advanced telephony to improved connectivity. This sparked the beginning of a journey to maximise the efficiency of their existing systems. Skillcraft Managing Director, Angelo Angelos, decided that it was time to fully embrace technology by shifting to the cloud. He signed up with a new SYSPRO partner, RPM Resources, and put the wheels in motion to extend the use of SYSPRO in their organization.

The Solution

Over the quieter end-of-year business period, RPM Resources facilitated Skillcraft’s upgrade from SYSPRO 6.1 to SYSPRO 8 and the move to the Microsoft Azure cloud. By the time the business reopened in early January, the upgrade was completed and the teething problems associated with new systems had been ironed out – causing no inconvenience or disruption of services.

The Outcome

“The value of this upgrade resides in the enhanced use of the full functionality of SYSPRO,” Angelos explains. “We have identified areas that have allowed us to eliminate many manual, time-consuming tasks and this has supported our drive towards increased efficiency.”

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