“I found the advice dispensed by the implementation team around what a staged ERP deployment looks like of particular value. They really have a complete understanding of the product.”

– Joshua Zoshi – Saltworks Te

Customer Profile

Saltworks Technologies Inc. is a privately-held water technology company that designs, builds and operates industrial wastewater treatment plants. Their efforts are focused on zero liquid discharge, brine concentration, and industrial wastewater desalination. Saltworks Technologies’ mission is to provide reliable and economic water treatment solutions to a wide range of industries.

The Business Challenge

Saltworks is a rapidly expanding organization. The steady growth necessitated a search for a robust, integrated toolkit to support higher production capacity. The intricacy of the Saltworks manufacturing process and the abundance of components required to produce the technologically advanced systems, created the need for a meticulous inventory management system.

The Solution

Saltworks decided to move away from a spreadsheet-based approach to production management and began to investigate various ERP options. The availability of local regional support, strong financials, and specific knowledge of manufacturing industry frameworks led the company to a SYSPRO solution.

The Outcome

Effective inventory control is critical for Saltworks, as their manufacturing process consists of numerous components sourced from suppliers around the world. SYSPRO has allowed the company to successfully address this particular business challenge and has provided better visibility over movement of components between various manufacturing locations.

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