Penflex makes its mark with SYSPRO

“The re-implementation of SYSPRO is saving us at least 20 man hours per week.”
– Sean Stuttaford, CEO, Penflex.

Customer Profile
Penflex is a Cape Town based writing instrument manufacturing company, with top technical expertise and a production team widely respected for its collective know-how and professionalism.

The Business Challenge
Sean Stuttaford joined Penflex as CEO in 2014, with over 20 years of SYSPRO experience. He realised that while Penflex was already running SYSPRO ERP, the company was not taking advantage of most of its features. Sean quickly realised that without a thorough re-implementation, employees and management would lose faith in the system.

The Solution
Sean knew the standard business processes within SYSPRO were sound and there was no reason to change software – they just had to modify what was already there. The GL was entirely restructured to align with the structured GL functionality, using three new sections. Further the product classifications were re-structured using a taxonomy approach.

The Outcome
The re-implemented system is now working at optimum capacity. The WIP module was integrated utilising labour and overhead recovery accounts integrated to the GL, and an in-house written job creation and factory documentation software system was replaced, which together with the implementation of scanning capabilities has further reduced much of the existing administrative duties and freed-up even more time in the operations of the business.


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