Nucleus Research Report – SYSPRO introduces Embedded Analytics

Latest SYSPRO Release – Embedded Analytics

Nucleus anticipates that SYSPRO Embedded Analytics will drive:

  • Improved organizational visibility
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced operational and IT costs

Notable SYSPRO latest release features

  • A Sales Price Hierarchy tool that ensures price and pricing rules are aligned across all sales and e-commerce channels.
  • Kanban Inventory Replenishment functionality for warehouse and logistics management.
  • The Application Designer enables manufacturers to build their own solutions, such as tables and capture forms for processes, within the SYSPRO framework.
  • Dimensional analysis for the General Ledger, allows finance teams to segment and report on financial transactions as they occur.
  • Embedded Analytics empowers everyday business users to construct their own queries, data views, visualizations, and dashboards to boost visibility and drive automation.

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