SYSPRO Solutions enables you to extend beyond your enterprise using SYSPRO’s open interface. It encourages integration with best- of-breed third-party products while facilitating collaboration with business partners - the essential links in your supply chain.

The benefits of SYSPRO Solutions

  • Lowered total cost of ownership – custom programs do not have to be rewritten when upgrading to a new release of SYSPRO
  • Simplified application development environment – developers do not need to understand SYSPRO’s database and can focus on delivering new applications
  • Reduced development maintenance costs – developers do not directly access the database and are therefore shielded from any changes to the database
  • Secure interface to SYSPRO database – the security rules inherent in SYSPRO are built into the component framework and the business objects
  • Version independence – the component interface can evolve while maintaining backwards compatibility because it uses XML to pass parameters and data between SYSPRO and the calling application
  • Proven technologies – the component framework is built to the COM specification and makes extensive use of XML
  • Customer-focused applications – it allows the creation of applications that meet your specific needs
  • Reduced network traffic – the component framework reduces the amount of network traffic required to retrieve data from the business objects
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