If your business is looking for greater flexibility and increased productivity whilst also grappling with the problems of complexity and change, then you probably need the tools that will help you visualize and manage these complexities, and also provide a way to review, revise and revamp operations right down to the process level.

For most organizations, irrespective of size or structure, change is not easy but this can be done more effectively if you have a structured view of your organization which shows the logic of how processes, systems, data and organizational hierarchies are designed, and moreover has the ability to change or add on to anything in that structural view. Business Process Management (BPM) provides the methodologies and tools for modeling and administrating processes that involve people, organizations and systems.

Implementing these systems and process is greatly simplified when business and IT work together and communicate effectively.

Within SYSPRO we have business process management as a core element, providing the capabilities of automating, optimizing, and managing your business processes. Our software incorporates a toolset that provides a holistic and integrated view of end-to-end processes that also enables a cascading set of functionality, and delivers the following:

  • Raises the understanding of the stakeholders
  • Encourages focused thinking by all parties in the implementation
  • Enhances control by improving process visibility, which allows escalations and alerts to be managed, and bottlenecks to be located
  • Supports compliance through greater transparency of operation so that policies and procedures can be enforced, broken processes can be identified and fixed, and audit trails can be generated

SYSPRO business process automation software toolset

  • SYSPRO Implementation Framework - Quantum Architecture

    This provides a business management system blueprint of the organization to enable business decision makers and IT implementers to simply and quickly understand both the business and system needs without technical jargon. It is an author independent, fully-documented model of the entire business, its processes, integration, roles, security and data, through which decision makers can identify, monitor and measure their business in financial terms as well as key performance indicators, of the people, the strategy, the business activities and the ERP system. Read more...

  • SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM)

    This provides pre-configured and modeled process patterns on which you can model your company's unique process requirements. It provides you with a model-driven architecture that supports management by aligning IT with company strategy, business objectives and sustainability; as well as a transparent view of your uniquely modelled processes and organizational roles.

  • SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS)

    SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) enables you to streamline end-to-end business process, as well as create efficient interaction between SYSPRO and external applications. This workflow management system gives users the capability of designing, orchestrating, managing and enabling business processes through a fluid and easy to use user-interface; thus allowing greater clarity, transparency and integration throughout the organization's business processes.

  • Role-Based Security

    The function of managing security associated with a business process has been greatly simplified by defining security at role level and assigning an operator to a role.

  • Automating SYSPRO applications

    SYSPRO Office Automation and Electronic Signature tools enable you to pre-define conditional events that trap data and system exceptions and trigger an appropriate action in support of a customer's business rules and processes. SYSPRO Office Automation and Messaging improves work-flow communication and response times, both internally and externally. It can accelerate action on critical events by automatically notifying key people via e-mail or the internal SYSPRO messaging, or by running a program as events occur or when data reaches a pre-configured level. It also provides for e-mailing or faxing directly from within SYSPRO.

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