The Lean philosophy is all about collaboration and working as a single unit in the most efficient manner to achieve the business objective – which is ultimately to reduce costs and increase profits. The basic goal of Lean Manufacturing is to get more done with less by minimizing inventory at all stages of production, shortening the product cycle times from materials to finished goods and eliminating waste.

SYSPRO ERP provides Lean Practices for the Lean Enterprise

Lean addresses how processes should work and ERP makes sure the processes work consistently. Few industries today are able to operate effectively without the use of technology and automation built in and around their business software solution. SYSPRO facilitates the Lean initiative with an extensive ERP system that integrates all business functions and provides visibility across all areas of the enterprise so that:

  • informed decisions can be made,
  • information can be shared, and
  • effective collaboration is possible.

From enabling the identification and tracking of non-value adding activities inherent in your current operational processes, to the automation of manual processes, SYSPRO's powerful functionality provides you with the tools to implement your Lean initiatives:

  • Extensive queries with drilldown capabilities enable sales or customer service to see the status of a customer’s order on the production floor and provide them with an expected completion date.
  • A number of standard critical ratios are available for the executive to monitor the company’s health proactively with real-time alerts as thresholds are exceeded.
  • Notifications or processes can be triggered at critical points in your business process to improve quality and service.
  • A key Lean initiative is to reduce inventory levels while improving service levels. SYSPRO supports this initiative with a powerful, built-in forecasting module that takes the guess work out of forecasting. It simplifies the process by optionally forecasting at a group level and by determining the correct algorithm per SKU or group. Accurate and regular forecasting allow for better collaboration with your suppliers and reduces stock outs. Not only does it help reduce your inventory levels, but also drastically reduces the time taken to produce the forecasts as well as the space required to store excess inventory. Perhaps the biggest gain is the fact that reduced inventory frees up capital that can be used more effectively.
  • SYSPRO supports the Lean initiative through the use of technology built on and around a solid end-to-end business solution. Technology facilitates automation in the manufacturing arena of the business by replacing manual transaction processing with bar coding solutions; this has the immediate effect of reducing waste and improving efficiency. Introducing rules-based scheduling tools can vastly improve throughput, reduce bottlenecks and better utilize the shop-floor.
  • SYSPRO's technology stack is based on Microsoft’s .NET technology which facilitates integration with disparate systems, offers an easy development platform for customized requirements and encourages open collaboration with your supply chain. SYSPRO and technology facilitate Lean initiatives while improving productivity and providing your company with the competitive edge you need.
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