SYSPRO USA Endorses CompTIA Cyberstates™ Report Findings Regarding US Economic Growth, Workforce Gains

Report Finds Technology Advancements a Major Support to Manufacturing Techniques

Costa Mesa, CA – April 6, 2018 – A recent report released by CompTIA highlighted the growth in the US Workforce based on the rapid evolution of innovative technologies. The report – called Cyberstates™ 2018 – found that “tech employment in the United States expanded by nearly 200,000 jobs in 2017 and that the technology sector is one of the largest components of the nation’s economy.”  The report also found that “Nationally, the number of job postings associated with emerging technologies increased 27 percent year-over-year – further confirmation employers are ramping up hiring in areas such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, and more.”

In support of CompTIA’s findings, Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA president and CEO, commented that “Tech’s direct contribution to local, state and national economies is only a part of the story. Technology is the generator that powers innovation, growth and breakthroughs in virtually every other sector of the economy; from advanced manufacturing techniques and innovations in transportation, to smarter, more livable communities, to advances in education, energy and healthcare.”

SYSPRO Supporting Technology Innovation

SYSPRO USA applauds CompTIA not only for their legislative initiatives, but also for the research into the technology sector and the connection to manufacturing specifically, since both areas are a major stimulus for the future growth of the US economy. The findings from the Cyberstates™ report provides important insight into the state of these sectors and how technology innovation is changing them.

According to SYSPRO USA president Joey Benadretti, “SYSPRO is at the forefront of technology advancements, like those that were mentioned in the CompTIA report.  With recent technology releases like our ChatBot Ken, and advancements in areas like IoT, machine learning, mobility, and our cloud ERP offering, we’re always striving to provide our customers with technologies that help them leverage the latest advantaged manufacturing techniques and work more efficiently – now and into the future.

Disruptive technologies will continue to have an impact on U.S. business as it evolves. SYSPRO is committed to development in both future functional requirements, and in newer technologies that will drive innovation in our customers’ own businesses,” concludes Benadretti.

SYSPRO offers a full range of software applications to meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries including food and beverage, machinery and equipment, electronics, and many more.

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