Turn your customers into fans by revolutionizing your helpdesk or call center. By assigning your very own digital ERP assistant, Ken the SYSPRO Bot, to service staff, customer and supplier queries quickly and accurately on any platform, messaging app or chat space, you can provide them with a convenient, always-available, consistent and efficient service experience.
What’s more, you can eliminate the grind work from your day-to-day by employing this time-saving automated assistant to perform tasks and retrieve information for you and your employees.

Ken the Bot is a digital ERP assistant that resides in SYSPRO ERP to automate specific business functions by conversing with stakeholders on any platform and device. Ken’s main purpose is to drive self-service requests from an ERP perspective. Ken can securely provide employees, customers and/or suppliers with information and alerts, or perform tasks such as price queries, stock lookups, order status and more, directly from within their preferred platform, chat space or messaging app.

Key benefits of Ken the SYSPRO Bot

  • Provides an always-on, consistent and efficient customer experience, 24/7, across the globe
  • Offers the choice of how to engage with your organization
  • Enables interactive self-service
  • Consistently reflects your organizations’ corporate identity
  • Improves user engagement and experience
  • Frees up resources to spend time on more valuable tasks
  • Improves decision making
  • Simplifies business tasks and minimizes the likelihood of errors
  • Prompts you to take action before problems occur

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