Customer Complaints

A Customer Complaints system is a requirement for all businesses wanting to achieve a formal quality accreditation. It enables the business to easily review and escalate critical product defects and service issues to prevent their reoccurrence. This improves customer-centric behavior, driving customer retention. Customer Complaints integrates easily into SYSPRO, and all customer complaints are kept together in one system.​

Key benefits of Customer Complaints

  • Increases Customer Retention Customer Complaints provides visibility of customer grievances to ensure these are addressed in order to retain customers. It allows for maintenance of customer relations and provides insight into their dissatisfaction
  • Drives Continuous Improvement Insight into customer dissatisfaction with products can provide valuable feedback to enact changes in production plans, Bill of Materials, raw material allocations, tool allocation, changes in product specifications and development efforts. It may also lead to product withdrawals and highlight machine and maintenance issues
  • Helps Improve Product Quality Customer Complaints provides visibility into product defects, which may be non-compliant. It also highlights any areas requiring swift intervention and also pinpoints the cost of quality measures
  • Provides Insight into Supply Chain Shortcomings Provides visibility into possible defects in the supply chain enabling intervention, preventative actions, process or procedure changes, and equipment redesigns

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