Keegor achieves 157% revenue growth with SYSPRO

Customer Profile

Established in 1959 as Leonard Light Industries, the Keegor Group of companies manufactures fire assay and gold plant furnaces, machinery and requisites. The KEEGOR brand is world renowned in the precious metals assaying and refining sectors, with equipment operating and consumables used in mines, laboratories and refineries in various countries across six continents.

The business Challenge

The Keegor Group needed an integrated ERP solution to address challenges such as insufficient inventory and operational controls, outdated processes and delays between quoting customers and delivering product which made it difficult to provide the desired levels of customer service.

The Solution

A long-term SYSPRO client, Keegor initially selected the SYSPRO solution in 2011 based on its position as a leader in manufacturing software as well as its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Further critical factors influencing the decision included strengths in inventory reporting and job shop manufacturing. Keegor’s SYSPRO solution is integrated with Microsoft ODBC and GreenLine general ledger reconciliation software.

The Outcome

Keegor has transitioned away from a largely manual system, which was vulnerable to error, towards a fully integrated solution with high levels of automation, efficiency and accuracy.

“Before implementing SYSPRO, we were concerned about insufficient controls particularly in the warehouse, inaccurate costs and the possibility of fraud as a result of manual systems which extended from our cash books to the annual stocktake. With SYSPRO, and particularly since upgrading to SYSPRO 8 in 2019, we have been able to achieve 157% revenue growth.”

“With SYSPRO, and particularly since upgrading to SYSPRO 8 in 2019, we have been able to keep pace with revenue growth of 157%. Our profit before tax has increased by 864% and sales per employee have risen 111%.”
– Michelle Austin, Financial Director, The Keegor Group


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