Gardasoft achieve payback in less than 12 months with SYSPRO ERP

“Quite simply, SYSPRO has enabled us to be more competitive.”
– Sergei Using, Supply Chain Manager, Gardasoft.

Customer Profile
Gardasoft designs and manufactures high intensity LED illuminators and high performance pulse/strobe controllers for LED lighting. – providing unique solutions to the global Machine Vision, Intelligent Traffic (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition and ALPR – Automated License Plate Recognition) and Security (CCTV) markets.
The Challenge
Gardasoft developed from a small company to a leader in the fast developing LED technology sector – doubling its workforce along the way. Gardasoft’s senior team realized the need to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning system to provide it with the correct platform to support its continuous growth.

The Solution
K3 Syspro accepted the challenge with their SYSPRO ERP solution.

Gardasoft’s Supply Chain Manager Sergei Using says, “We need a system that is fast and affordable. K3 fitted into that. We narrowed the choice down to two or three candidates, but really we knew there was only one that fitted what we needed – K3 Syspro.”

The Outcome
Gardasoft has experienced improvements to their reporting and stock control system, a reduction in administration time, and improved efficiency in sales and order processes. They are also able to streamline across borders now as they have a site in the USA. This has saved money on administration costs which can all be merged and available on one system across admin, sales and customers.


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