Episode 2: Join the Dots Conference –The ERP Digital Pivot

Round two. Minds now expanded and caffeine onboard, a series of SYSPRO executives took the crowd through the SYSPRO Product Road Map including, SYSPRO 8, HTML5, plus the route to Cloud.

Product Pillars were defined by our Chief Product Officer, Paulo de Matos as: always on, optimizing operations, moving from an ERP system of record to a system of engagement, innovation, and future proofing – all designed to simplify your success.

And from SYSPRO, increased efficiencies, governance, and functionality while optimizing product quality. Beyond this Paulo highlighted the Product Roadmap keys – always on, cloud first, mobile first, availability, scalability, optimizing operations and finance to enhance accounts, boosting control, plus planning and reporting.

Via demos of soon-to-be and future SYSPRO, our Chief Innovation Officer, Kevin Dherman introduced our innovation pillars as cloud, mobility, machine learning and artificial intelligence, user experience, Bots (we saw Ken the Bot in action), Internet of Things (IoT) and social media. SYSPRO has been providing ERP and now we extend this for the digital world by building innovation and technology to support your business into the future and not just store your data.

Cloud and New Global Partners

Kevin showed Harmony – the new User Experience (UX) combining social media – following customers, orders, stock codes or even GL codes; see what’s trending and have the system push the info to you – you get the “beat”. Get recommendations of actions based on this info (i.e. “People who bought this book, also bought …”)

Two new Global Partnerships were announced to broaden SYSPRO:

  • Alok Ajmera presented Prophix – Comprehensive, fully integrated, budgeting, planning, forecasting and financial consolidation solutions which automate the management planning cycle – on-premise or in the cloud
  • Mark Gregory explained LYNQ Smart Manager – Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). Again fully integrated to prepare schedules amongst multiple plants, collect hours and units completed and downtime, tracking, then analyze employee equipment and job efficiency/performance.

Project Fusion – SYSPRO Cloud

Paulo and Kevin uncovered the initial SYSPRO cloud functions with some sneak demo previews. Kevin explained the tenets of Project Fusion as a cloud first, device agnostic, platform independent, user experience and web-based HTML5. Moving through IaaS to PaaS to get Sequel on the Cloud, and then SYSPRO SaaS. A key competitive statement regarding SYSPRO Cloud is that SYSPRO is doing what other vendors are not – no training will be required when you move to SYSPRO cloud because it is the same product!

So from Doug Hunter here…  a great event with great excitement and news relevant to our customers and partners. Remember – if you and we must harness disruption – your technology must continuously enable not just your current business but the pivots to move it forward for new processes and experience for new customers, channels and even new employees. See you next time and tomorrow ….

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