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Africa and ERP opportunites

ERP and Africa Revisited – Africa CAN Fly

The Chinese symbol for crisis uses two characters. One character depicts danger and the other opportunity, which is a perfect description of the current state of relationship development and the global climate. But there are great opportunities for those firms that develop strong strategic relationships to grow and flourish and turn apparent crisis into prosperity. (more…)

We Keep ERP Simple in Africa for Good Reason

I was born in Europe – Scotland actually, but now I’m a South African living in Johannesburg. As an inhabitant of Africa, I would like to clear up a misconception that I come across fairly often: mainland Africa is a continent of 54 countries – it’s not one country, despite many Euro/US neighbors still referring to the country Africa – you know “we’re gonna Africa next week”, not Kenya, Ghana or DRC. This confusion can still work in our favor by [...]

ERP Can Help With Sustainability

Many decisions involve yes or no. They appear clear-cut, simple. A head politician survives a motion of no confidence yet again. For the eighth time. This was an opportunity to give politicians the chance to regroup – restore values, their brand and deliver more than just hope to supporters. All behind closed doors. (more…)

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Episode 1: Joining the Dots with SYSPRO’s Africa Customer ERP Conference

Attending our customer conferences across the country reminded me of how important technology innovation is to optimize and future proof our customers business. Speaking to delegates over coffee also grounded me regarding how important getting the basics of ERP, the support we offer, and the way we deal with customers, right as well today. (more…)

To Boldly Go in ERP Where Few Men Have Gone Before

I’m a supply chain guy but I started with a narrower focus, in manufacturing, in Glasgow. Glasgow – famous for many manufacturing and engineering innovators including Scottie of The Starship Enterprise fame. You know the guy that always complained “ah canna do it Captain Kirk, the warp drives just won’t take it …”. (more…)