Insights on Business Management Software and ERP


ERP Solutions for Improved Planning, Production and Automation in the Manufacturing Industry

Since the ‘90s, businesses have used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to get a better view of what is happening across their organization. It originally evolved as a system of record with the primary driver of tying-in, and producing, a single view of an integrated transaction. (more…)

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CPM Gives ERP Financial Visibility Across the Business

You could argue that ERP is a not a sexy, new subject. It’s not a cool 3D printer, or a technologically advanced ‘hybrid car’. In fact, I could probably say that ERP is more the sedate station wagon than the sleek supercar. Does this mean ERP companies do not constantly innovate? Or continually seek out partnerships that enhance their product offering? Absolutely not. SYSPRO ERP may not be new, but it is a system built around listening to market [...]

The SYSPRO Development Process: Where quality is a habit

Do you also get annoyed when the sales pitch sizzles, the promise is red-hot and then the delivery is lukewarm … at best? It’s like watching your favorite team come on to the pitch swinging and then lose their mojo somewhere around half time. Providing a quality service should span the entire process from the initial concept right through to aftersales support.  (more…)

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When Quantity Trumps Quality

Being an armchair sports enthusiast is even more satisfying when your team is trouncing the competition. Coming back from 2-0 down to win the latest ODI series against England, South Africa did its diehard cricket fans proud this past weekend. As I basked in the afterglow of their victory, I got to thinking about the effort that goes into such a resounding success. There has to be an optimal combination of all of the individual personnel and processes and a [...]

ERP Procurement can make Companies more Profitable

Is your Procurement Department living in the 21st century?  Gone are the days of procurement existing simply as a purchasing function – although its roots are in purchasing, modern procurement makes organizations smarter and more profitable through sourcing diversification, whilst improving both input costs and cash flow. (more…)