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An Engaging ERP UX is as Important as its Functionality

Have you ever been lost in an application? Or frustrated because you are unable to find what is required from you within an application? How many times have you been scrutinizing the screen to find the ‘missing’ item resulting in conflicting feelings between relief and foolishness because the placement of the missing item was just not that apparent. (more…)

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Business Mobility

The many Faces of Business Mobility

Mobility covers many facets of life. It could describe cargo transportation or people bussing to and from work. What about displacing people to other areas or countries to avoid natural/political problems? We could also talk about the propensity of people to live and work in many countries – true global citizens. (more…)

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Finding Workable Solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance Part 2

Hard to believe that there are over 100 000 information security breaches at listed companies every day. South Africa has the benefit of the King Commission into Corporate Governance (or as it is described – Responsible Corporate Citizenship). This commission has progressed all of the way to King IV, or the 4th commission into Corporate Governance. (more…)

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8 Steps to Selecting the Right ERP

Amazingly, the ERP industry is now over 40 years old. In 40 years, most veterans of ERP will have noted that the ERP industry has transformed from an ‘ERP solution sold on the golf course’ to a solution that is discovery led and drives business benefit. With more online ERP content being published by providers, promising you increased business success, with a higher ROI than ever, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by information. This can make it difficult to understand [...]

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User Engagement in Supply Chain

Driving User Engagement across the Supply Chain

My daughter is currently completing her final year of high school. As a parent, I am extremely grateful for the way in which technology is being used to provide instant access to information concerning my child’s progress. Take Moodle, for example. Moodle is a free and open-source Learning Management System that offers customizable management features to extend and tailor the learning environment. Basically, it is a nifty way for me to access detailed updates on her academic performance from my [...]

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Creating Cross-generational Business Technology

At a time when some areas of technology seem to be moving at warp speed, the challenge of implementing new business software can leave one feeling a little thrown. When it comes to technology, not all of us share the same preferences. I recently discussed this with Gavin Verreyne, SYSPRO USA Chief Services Officer, and we agreed that our cross-generational user base possesses distinct differences based on their exposure to different forms of technology. SYSPRO builds its software to [...]

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How Electronics Manufacturers Can Benefit from ERP

It’s an exciting time to be offering ERP to APAC manufacturers – especially our partners in the electronics industry. In 2017, APAC was the largest region in the electrical and electronics manufacturing market, accounting for approximately 55% of the global market share. That’s quite a feat, but no one, especially in the dynamic world of electronics manufacturing, can afford to rest on their laurels. (more…)

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Financial Reporting Simplified with ERP

We cannot plan the project or meeting for that date, it’s month end. We definitely can’t do training now, finance is up to their ears preparing for month end. The last week and the first week of the month are no go dates as finance will be drafting financials. We don’t have that information yet, finance is still finalizing the financials for last month. (more…)

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How ERP Assists Manufacturers to Become Smarter with New Technologies

We are currently experiencing a new industrial revolution. Like past revolutions, it too will have immense impact, causing ripples throughout society. Some jobs will be replaced by intelligent robots, and some people will have new electronic companions, so called cobots. Two thirds of the children in primary school will work in jobs that don’t yet exist. In the future, manufacturing processes, working life, and our relationship with technology will be quite different. (more…)

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