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SYSPRO’s New Year Resolutions and Revelations

The author, Edward Payson Powell, had a great way of saying farewell to the year: “The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!” (more…)

What is Driving the Differentiated User Experience?

When I think about the most widely used phrases bandied about the office in 2015, ‘a meaningful user experience’ has to be one of them. And I’m sure that it will continue to feature throughout 2016.  As businesses continue to place the UX at the front and center of product and service improvements, it seems highly unlikely that any industry, sector or individual organization has remained unaffected by the quest for satisfying customer engagement.    Take enterprise resource planning (ERP) for example. The [...]

Crafting the Future of ERP in the Electronics Industry

There can be little debate about two aspects of the electronics industry. Firstly, few other industries can compare to this sector or keep up when it comes to extremely rapid changes and ever-shrinking manufacturing turnaround times and product lifecycles. Secondly, the growth of the Internet of Things, Big Data and predictive analytics means we are poised on the edge of an explosive demand for electronics, semiconductors, sensors and readers, as machine-to-machine tracking and analytics are set to shiver, shakeout, and shape [...]

The Internet of Things that make me go hmmmm

Do these words sound familiar: Are you listening to me? It’s not only marital, parental or platonic relationships that benefit from effective communication – the business benefits of paying careful attention to your customers and reacting accordingly should never be underestimated. Just ask Microsoft. (more…)

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Celebrating the Ideal ‘Business’ Partner on Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner many of us will be celebrating the relationships we have with our partners, or with those we would like to form relationships. So what better time than to review the relationship or partnership you have with your business system?  (more…)

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Innovative or Customer Centric?

Developing ERP software is a tricky business, especially if the software is not being developed for any specific customer but rather for a range of customers, some of whom have yet to purchase your product. A software product needs to evolve, be constantly updated and advanced, if it’s not to fall into neglect and disuse, and that can happen all too often in the software market. Read more…

Taking stock and looking ahead to 2013

Regardless of what business you happen to be in, the end of the year is a natural time to reflect on what’s happened in our lives, our organisations and around the world. Although the global manufacturing sector has shown erratic and generally slow performance this year, the economic powerhouses of the US and China managed to register slight improvements in manufacturing activity in October. However, many other economies around the world suffered further contraction or flat growth across their [...]