Delta Scientific

“SYSPRO is as essential to us as any other part of our business. We have scientific products and the expertise in those products, but without having SYSPRO to manage it all there would not be any business to run.”
– Ted McGuinness, Finance & Operations Manager at Delta Scientific

Customer Profile

Established in 1985, Delta Scientific is a distributor of high-quality lab products including chemicals, consumable supplies and equipment for use in analytical, environmental, quality control, R&D, and spectroscopy applications. They are headquartered in Ontario, Canada with warehouses in Alberta and Pennsylvania, United States. Delta Scientific is registered to ISO 9001:2015 certification and supplies more than 250,000 products from a variety of vendors to 1,000+ customers globally.

The Business Challenge

Since they had been managing their operations in a consistent way for many years, Delta Scientific wanted to look for opportunities to become more efficient and leverage new capabilities that had been introduced in SYSPRO over the years. Delta Scientific has been a SYSPRO customer for many years. Their customers include commercial testing, educational, quality control and research laboratories in a wide variety of industries, many of whom must adhere to stringent compliance standards. As such, Delta needed to have complete traceability of the products they distribute for each customer from source. In addition, they found their inventory management and accounting processes to be time consuming and laborious.

The Solution

Using serial tracking within SYSPRO, enhanced traceability capabilities were leveraged to manage and track all products from suppliers to warehouses and finally to customers. SYSPRO’s partner, Phoenix Systems, conducted a thorough Business Process Review which uncovered that Delta Scientific could also save numerous person-hours across inventory management and accounting processes by leveraging more capabilities within SYSPRO.

The Outcome

With SYSPRO’s EFT module, Delta Scientific has saved more than 80% of the time that was earlier spent by the accounting staff to process payments. With SYSPRO’s inventory module, Delta can track all products that they distribute and trace them back to their source. They can also provide important expiry information to their customers which is a definite “value add” service from Delta. This service can help Delta’s customers to remain compliant during quality audits and can also result in repeat business for Delta.

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