5 Benefits of the Latest SYSPRO ERP Capabilities


As a Business Analyst within SYSPRO Product Management, I continuously look at market trends, and engage with our customers within the manufacturing and distribution sectors to really understand the needs of the industry, and how we can support those needs within the product. Now more than ever, as most of the world enters a lockdown of unknown length, it is clear that these sectors need to figure out how to get ahead of the curve and remain ahead of the curve.  This will require agile business processes, supported by superior security and need the necessary digital support to optimize production processes for now and going forward.

With our customer requirements in mind, we recently announced the latest enhancements to our ERP offering.

Here are 5 benefits that our customers can embrace today that should benefit any organization adopting them:

1 – Enhanced Traceability

For any manufacturing organization that operate in a highly regulated environment, they are required to be able to recall a product on short notice. As a result, Product Recall has been expanded to allow any traceable parent item (Lot or Serial) that has been receipted into stock by any stock transfer process, to be fully identified, and consequently, fully traceable. In addition, regulation requires regular testing of the traceability system, and it provides the ability to regularly test the system through Mock Recalls. This capability was specifically developed to support the regulatory requirements, and further benefits of this capability include the accelerated time to complete product recalls, improved governance through better traceability and system testing, as well as improved regulatory reporting.

2 – Enhanced Administration and Language Customization through SYSPRO MOM

SYSPRO MOM further extends and enriches the SYSPRO ERP experience by improved functionality in the planning and production processes by leveraging digitization of the shop floor.  This will help to easily and quickly improve the flow of data which will improve material flow, measure performance and highlight bottlenecks, connect machines and identify areas to increase output and margins, while eliminating waste.

The latest version also has additional customizable features. For example, improved transaction rights have been added allowing the rights of the user to be controlled by the administrator.  Only approved users will be able to undertake shop floor transactions, while unauthorized users will only be able to view transactions, improving control and governance.  There is also extended language capabilities, and SYSPRO MOM now supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

3 – Improved System Management in SYSPRO Point of Sale (PoS)

SYSPRO Point of Sale (PoS) enables manufacturers with a distribution operation, as well as core distributors, to automate their sales processes and transactions, including payments and inventory allocation. The new release has focused on improving the management of the system, specifically in areas of security and governance. Password expiry and password strength validation has been enhanced to the same strength as SYSPRO core.  The management of deposits has been improved to include an audit trail. The addition of online and offline receipt number allocation prevents duplication, which has been an issue in the past.  Administrators now have greater control over various aspects of Supply Chain Transfer functionality, preventing the risk of system manipulation and fraud.

4 – Management of Digital tax

As more countries transition towards electronic tax submissions, SYSPRO will expand its ability to support digital tax and digital tax returns, and has already developed the 9-box return for the United Kingdom (UK). This added ability to manage tax data electronically allows for the extraction of the tax data electronically, the separation of the data and customized templates for improved electronic tax submissions. Additionally, there will be the ability to separate and combine related tax data in the General Ledger as well as enhanced tracking and monitoring of tax receipts and submissions.

5 – Increased security measures embedded within the architecture

In today’s highly regulated world, most companies operate in an environment where they must comply with multiple data privacy regulations, and government Acts. With the increase of organizations deploying their IT to the cloud, there has been a surge of concerns around data security and the levels of encryption required. To meet this concern, SYSPRO has now added SQL Data Encryption in Motion. SQL Data Encryption in Motion ensures that hackers cannot access information being transmitted.  SYSPRO has already released SQL Data Encryption at rest, which prevents access to the databases by hackers.  SYSPRO has therefore encryption capability on data “at rest” and “in motion”.  This is critical for private and sensitive information, but protects all information sent between SYSPRO Servers and Users.

Avanti, SYSPRO’s web interface has been updated to support multi-factor authentication, as is currently available on SYSPRO core.

Ultimately, these enhancements will help deliver improved usability, flexibility and performance for our customers, who remain at the heart of every economy


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