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Why You Will Love a Career in ERP

If you are not already working in the ERP industry, it’s sometimes difficult at parties to explain to people what you do. When asked: “what do you do?” I simply explain that I am a product manager. This is a sufficiently loose term that in the current climate can be associated with either the development of a product or the ownership of someone else’s product. It keeps things nice and simple. (more…)

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Smart ERP Moves Businesses into the Fourth Revolution

Go back just three short years and most people would not have been familiar with the phrases “Smart Factories” and “Industry 4.0”. Fortunately, these phrases are based on fact rather than emotion. The fact is, that to move forward and deal with globalisation, industry is having to adopt the first and understand the second. (more…)

Future ERP Trends Explained

This month, K3Syspro exhibited at one of Britain’s largest manufacturing and machinery events – MACH 2016.  This event sees thousands of machinery suppliers from all over the globe converge in one giant arena to showcase their hardware and software offerings for the manufacturing companies of the UK to evaluate. (more…)

Why Upgrade?

A few days ago, while travelling home, I decided to pop into a well-known UK supermarket to pick up some essentials. As I walked into the supermarket I spotted a huge sign at the end of every aisle that read: ‘From 8pm until 12am this evening this store will only accept cash payments. This is due to a software update that will not only make your shopping experience better but improve our reliability to you our customers.  We apologies [...]