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Finding Workable Solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance Part 2

Hard to believe that there are over 100 000 information security breaches at listed companies every day. South Africa has the benefit of the King Commission into Corporate Governance (or as it is described – Responsible Corporate Citizenship). This commission has progressed all of the way to King IV, or the 4th commission into Corporate Governance. (more…)

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ERP is Key to Improving Productivity and Profitability for Food Manufacturers

The incidence of serious food poisoning outbreaks is increasing globally, with more and more significant cases occurring more frequently around the globe. Most recently, South Africa experienced the world’s worst Listeria outbreak, killing over 70 people. The regulators’ immediate response was to target “suspect” businesses, and this led to the entire food and beverage supply chain having to review their processes. (more…)

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Industry-built ERP: Tackling Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Challenges

The Industrial Machinery and Equipment (IM&E) manufacturing industry faces some unique challenges, many of which have been around for some time. While generic ERP systems may be adequate for simpler manufacturing situations, IM&E requires a solution with strong capabilities for complex equipment specification and production, comprehensive quoting and estimating, integrated quality management, and meticulous traceability. (more…)

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Finding Workable ERP Solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance – Part I

Compliance, traceability, information security … just a few of the buzzwords that have become part of the vernacular of almost every industry in recent times. Specific industries, such as food and beverage and packaging, have extremely onerous regulatory frameworks in which they operate. As an ERP solution provider, our environmental scanning often raises some interesting questions. (more…)

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Why a Coordinated Supply Chain is Essential for the Packaging Industry

There is no doubt that the packaging industry is a complex spider’s web of intertwined uses across a broad spectrum of subsections. However, environmental issues and new material developments are becoming big drivers of growth right across this complicated industry. (more…)

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How ERP Helps to Weather the Storm – Part 2

As the water situation in the Western Cape that I discussed in my previous blog deteriorates, and farmers and food suppliers prepare for the worst, a definitive survival plan is vital for Food & Beverage companies. Tough times call for tighter controls and greater transparency. Nothing provides this better than an effective business system tailored to your business. (more…)

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Natural Disasters: How ERP Helps to Weather the Storm – Part 1

Residents of the South African province of the Western Cape are still coming to terms with the reality of water ‘load shedding’ imposed since last month in parts of the province. Rationed water for personal hygiene as well as drinking and cooking purposes is very much a reality now. But limited water is not the only thing impacting putting food on the table. The drought is much further reaching, with farmers and food suppliers also feeling the pinch! The Western [...]

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Is Technology Enabling or Enslaving your Food and Beverage Business?

If you are a food manufacturer, you have probably pondered this critical question more than once: “Do I have the necessary infrastructure in place to ensure I am able to seize new opportunities and grow at a successful rate?” These days, food and beverage companies are facing tougher challenges than ever before. The food industry has become increasingly complex for manufacturers to navigate and remain compliant. In the highly competitive food marketplace, the demands can soon start to outgrow your [...]

Food Safety is Critical for Your ERP System

Aligning food safety strategy and ERP implementation is critical for manufacturers who wish to gain a competitive edge in a very volatile and competitive market. World class manufacturers understand that traditional manual processes can no longer provide the real time and accurate information required to drive their businesses. Effective use of an ERP system can help push food safety compliance deep into the 21stcentury and beyond.  (more…)