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In a recent conversation with my 14-year-old daughter, she asked me what I do for work. My immediate response was: “I serve others.” “I know that dad,” she replied with a smile, “but how do you do that?”

In my explanation of what I do, I raised the fact that SYSPRO has recently released the most exciting version of its ERP software to a growing and evolving user base.  With the increased exposure of our software, comes feedback from our customers about the value SYSPRO is bringing to their work.

“It’s like they were colorblind, and are now seeing color for the first time,” she said. This brought a smile to my face because I never thought of it that way.  She then went on to say that our use of the latest technologies (bots, IoT, AI, etc.) is like a prism.  Of course, my confused look made her roll her eyes. “Dad,” she said. “As SYSPRO passes through these technologies, it provides color to what they see and experience on the other side. Everyone can now see SYSPRO’s true colors.”

She’s onto something. There are many features and functionalities in SYSPRO’s latest release that can be seen as colorful and vibrant additions to an already solid foundation.  After further exploring this concept with my daughter, she wisely suggested I put this into a blog so I can share my excitement about the future of SYSPRO and its customers’ success with the world.

So here we are.

Leveraging Technology for Improved Performance

With the emergence of bots and AI it is often asked: “How come businesses aren’t taking advantage?” Well, the latest version of SYSPRO’s manufacturing software helps businesses leverage these technologies – enabling far greater visibility of the entire operation. Here are a few examples of this:

  • SYSPRO can now deliver from a single code base to users across the enterprise, the globe, and beyond in their preferred interface. This provides choice and flexibility that promotes collaboration and engagement in a way we have never seen in ERP software before.
  • The latest use of AI has enabled us to turn what used to be transactional-based activities into engagement decisions.  Allowing the system to use data to make predictions, allows the operator to focus on decision-making, and focus on serving their customers in the way that we at SYSPRO aspire to do every day.
  • By introducing IoT capabilities and fully leveraging the cloud, customers are now able to truly move forward with digital transformation. A real-world example of this can be found in a recent customer success story from BKB Ltd., which highlights how SYSPRO’s new capabilities empower them to open up new revenue streams, build trust into the supply chain, help emerging farmers, and digitize their 100-year-old company.

Every day, I get to share the true colors of SYSPRO through technology — removing the fear and unknowns to allow our customers to be more successful in their businesses.  As we serve, the SYSPRO application will also serve by driving business success into the future.


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