Four software tools your ERP system needs


As we all know (or should know), SYSPRO ticks more functionality boxes than a Swiss army knife and part of the reason for SYSPRO’s ongoing product success is that it focuses on getting this core functionality right – whilst exposing this same functionality via business objects to allow easy software integration to other systems.

When a business implements SYSPRO, they often choose to implement other software tools available in the market too, with the aim of enhancing the solution and maximising the business’s return on its investment.

The most common and most beneficial of these solutions are the following four software tools that I believe any ERP system needs:

A Customer Relationship Management System that you can easily integrate too.

When we implement SYSPRO, we often integrate to third party CRM systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM (both of which are classed as best of breed CRM tools). Some exciting integration development has happened over the last few years, enabling businesses to integrate to these solutions easily. This means businesses can successfully keep customers, activities, opportunities and quotes in sync between Systems.

A Collaboration Workspace that your employees can use to share information.

Businesses that want to share procedures, policies and how-to’s generally do so more effectively by investing in a document management system such as Microsoft SharePoint. These tools help increase collaboration between employees by making business information readily available to them. 

A Label Automation Solution

Identifying stock and stock locations sounds simple enough, but the number of businesses that still feel that it’s not crucial to produce identification labels on receipt, creation and dispatch of stock is still quite high. Those businesses that have implemented label printing solutions and automated their label generation through SYSPRO’s Triggers and ESignatures have gained a huge increase in stock management accuracy and visibility, have less stock outs, less disappointed customers and make themselves ready to adopt future mobile technologies that use barcodes for activities such as Sales Order Picking, Inventory Movements and Stock Taking.

Mobile Solution for accessing your ERP System

A recent boom in sales of tablet PCs and smart phones has encouraged employees that work remotely to swap their PC or laptop for a more convenient device to access their emails and business reports.   As a result, employees are now demanding access to their ERP system data on-the-go, wherever they are, whether it be bank balances, sales orders, and customer contact information. They want to use it internally as well as externally to manage stock, perform stock movements, sales order picking, carry out stock takes and perform warehouse transfers. This is where todays mobile offerings are starting to come into their own. The most complete and exciting solution in today’s market is the new SYSPRO Espresso mobile solution, a device agnostic, fully-customisable and secure mobile solution that allows a business to achieve all this and more.

For more information on the range of third party products that integrate with SYSPRO, speak to your local SYSPRO office.

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