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The Infinite Possibilities of Mobile ERP

Parents, especially those who had kids later in life (as I did), will occasionally find themselves explaining things that make them feel…well…ancient! The other day, for example, I was talking to my six-year-old boy while flipping through photos on my old iPhone. Certain old family pictures triggered a discussion of grandparents and great grandparents. That gave me an idea, and I pulled out an old photo album. As I searched for a picture of my son’s great grandparents, a [...]

Tomorrow’s Supply Chains

It’s an exciting time to work in the field of supply chain. There’s a sense of change in the air – an awareness of the future unfolding. There are thought leaders who think we’re headed for a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, an era of sustainable, socially conscious enterprises, underpinned by the intelligent interconnection of software and machines. For decision makers along the supply chain, it’s time for research – and for vision.  In many instances, the adoption (or non-adoption) of [...]

SYSPRO’s Partners – a Paradigm for Partnership

In order to react quickly to changing business conditions, penetrate global markets, and above all remain competitive, businesses have learned that they need to stay informed, efficient, agile, and dedicated to their core competencies. All that, it turns out, is easier to achieve within an ecosystem of trusted partners. (more…)

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Managing Human Capital with ERP

ERP is often described as the backbone of a company, but in my opinion the spinal association is less than exact. Using an anatomical metaphor is great, but let’s go beyond quick assumptions and get it right. Perhaps it would be better to say that ERP is like the Central Nervous System (CNS), the all-important connections that run from your brain down the spinal cord. Like ERP, the CNS integrates all the body’s information, triggering, adjusting and coordinating everything [...]

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Build on SYSPRO, use anywhere

Despite the best of plans, ERP implementations often go wrong because customers have unique requirements that are always evolving and vendors will haul out the sledgehammers to force their solutions to fit – even if they weren’t designed to deliver what the client wanted in the first place. It’s like trying to squeeze a watermelon into a small cup. Keep forcing it in and you’ll end up with nothing but a messy pulp. Every company is different. They compete in different [...]

How to Get Mobile ERP Right for Your Company

In my previous post, I touched on why the mobile evolution plays an important role in the ERP realm and how businesses can benefit from deploying mobile ERP. Companies in the Asia-Pacific region, in particular, have the vantage point to be early adopters and lead this next evolution. Equally important is the deployment of the right solution and one that can meet the requirements of your company’s salesforce team. Choose the wrong tool and your expensive implementation will end up [...]

Putting ERP in the palm of your hand

Fifteen years ago, it would have been tough to believe a little device no bigger than your palm would have enough computer power to not only render high-definition videos, but also be able to secure sensitive data with the swipe of a finger and provide access to your corporate network. Oh, and you would also be able to make phone calls with it. Today smartphones and mobile devices have evolved so quickly that they are now little offices that you can [...]