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Those that know me well, know my reputation for being “the lady with the laptop.”  There are numerous photographs of me with the laptop seemingly surgically attached: the middle of a field on Scout Camp, whilst washing clothes on the Serbian Scout Jamboree, even in my Wedding Dress.  When K3 Syspro took part in the UK National 3 Peaks Challenge, my laptop came too; if I go away for a weekend with the kids, the laptop is the first thing in the car.

These last few months though I have noticed that my laptop isn’t always by my side. For me it’s a symbol of the changing world we live in.  15 years ago laptops released us from the chains of the office, enabling us to work smart from any location.  Now things have moved on again, the laptops that signified our freedom are now our chains: cumbersome to carry around, awkward to use in many places.  Now it’s our phones that signify freedom.  Much more discreet to have a quick glance at emails or check the latest sales order statuses from the dinner table.

Since installing SYSPRO Espresso on my phone back in July, I really don’t need my laptop so much anymore.  I can be just as “in touch” with Espresso as I can being in the office.  I thought I would share some of my favorite SYSPRO Espresso apps:

Sales Dashboard

The sales dashboard shows me all the critical sales information I need to know with actual and budgetary figures.  I can see at a glance whether we are meeting our targets and which sales people are doing the selling.

Job Query

Our consultancy days are entered as jobs in SYSPRO, so through the job query I can find out where all my consultants are.  If a customer rings up I can do a quick check to see if any consultants are on site, or whether they have been on site recently.

Customer Query

OK, honestly this is my favorite one.  If I am visiting a customer I no longer have to look the address up the night before and remember to plug it into my SatNav, now I just use the geolocation link from customer query and my phone uploads the destination to the SatNav in my car.  Brilliant!

Executive Financial Summary at a glance

I love this one too.  It shows me all my critical business KPI’s, I can look at trends over time, but best of all I can have access to it when I want.  If I have an idea about the business I am no longer constrained to working hours, I no longer have to wait to get access to my laptop and an internet connection to think through the impact of my ideas.  Now I just get my phone out and flick on SYSPSRO Espresso.

Have you tried SYSPRO Espresso: do you have any Espresso apps that are particularly useful?

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