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Digital Twins: “Living Models” Create Value from Data Streams for Electronic Manufacturers

We live, and work in a world, where Big Data management tools, affordable cloud computing and storage, and AI machine-learning algorithms, have converged to provide us with a constant stream of analytical information. The challenge we face is decoding the data’s messages, and finding effective ways to put the learnings to good use. (more…)

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Creating the competitive advantage with ERP

Using ERP to Create Competitive Advantage

Businesses today operate in an economy that is structured around being dynamic. We hear technical terms such as “disruption”, “industry 4.0” and “platform economy” on a daily basis.  Current market participants opt to play the isomorphism game (status quo), to “innovate”, or to pave the way by extending the fuzzy boundaries. (more…)

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Man selecting electronics board

Top 10 Key Qualities for Selecting an ERP System for Electronics

The “one size fits all” approach has never been ideal for business owners when selecting ERP in manufacturing, this is especially the case in the Electronics sector which has very particular needs. Historically Electronics and electronics-related manufacturers have had a challenge finding ERP systems that meets their special business requirements. These include serial number tracking at multiple levels within finished goods and sub-assemblies, to traceability, warranty and RMA tracking, to regulatory compliance requirements and other concerns. (more…)

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