Top 10 Key Qualities for Selecting an ERP System for Electronics

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The “one size fits all” approach has never been ideal for business owners when selecting ERP in manufacturing, this is especially the case in the Electronics sector which has very particular needs.

Historically Electronics and electronics-related manufacturers have had a challenge finding ERP systems that meets their special business requirements. These include serial number tracking at multiple levels within finished goods and sub-assemblies, to traceability, warranty and RMA tracking, to regulatory compliance requirements and other concerns.

Out-of-the-box ERP packages do not adequately address the challenges involved in automating the typical Electronics manufacturing operation; and larger enterprises that can afford to purchase and often customize higher-end packages with costs that run to hundreds of thousands of dollars when implemented, are able to harvest the benefits of ERP-driven solutions, but at a cost that small and midsize firms usually cannot afford.

The result is often that of poorly connected systems with duplicated work and data that do not provide a comprehensive, integrated enterprise-wide solution.

Experience is a Differentiator

There is no substitute for experience, and providers who have worked to implement ERP systems for Electronics manufacturers know that the only choice is an industry-built solution, born from years of ERP-provider insight into what challenges the electronics sector faces.

Business owners require an intuitive ERP user-interface that surfaces insights, giving visibility across the business and empowering business owners to make fully informed decisions 24/7. The rapid turnaround of product assembly in Electronics means speed and responsiveness are vital to stay ahead of the competition.

Ten Key ERP Features

Here are the top ten key features an effective ERP solution for Electronics requires for optimal performance:

  1. Multi-level Bill of Materials (unlimited levels)
  2. Deep Serial/Lot Number Tracking (at all component levels)
  3. Traceability and Recall Management
  4. Warranty Tracking
  5. Product Configurator (robust and easy to use)
  6. Available to Promise and Advanced Planning
  7. Forecasting/Planning/MRP
  8. Quality Management
  9. Mixed Mode Manufacturing including MTO, MTS, Engineer to Order, Job Shop
  10. Bar Code support

Electronics business owners need to ensure these features are included in their ERP solution of choice in order to stay ahead of the competition and optimize their business for market success.


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