Ingrid Aubrey

Ingrid Aubrey

Ingrid has been with SYSPRO for over 20 years and prior to that she worked as a software trainer and in a fibreglass manufacturing business. She started off in the SYSPRO ERP QA and Programming team and moved from team leader to manager of the department. In 2008 she then moved to her current role of managing the SYSPRO Development Services Team which consists of development operations, administration, and internal systems as well as writing and maintaining many of the scripts for various processes. Ingrid is passionate about testing and ERP software and encourages collaboration and a strong team ethic through empowering her team.

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The role of women in manufacturing - SYSPRO ERP Software
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The role of women in manufacturing

Reading Time: 8 minutes A segment of the workforce that will help close the skills gap and talent shortage in manufacturing are women. Women pursuing …

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