Integrating our ERP with Microsoft Office 365 a World First


We recently announced that SYSPRO is one of the first ERP solutions to be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, to bring core ERP data into the Microsoft environment and enhance the way people work.

Traditionally, our SYSPRO customers running the on-premise version of Microsoft Office are able to export data in Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. However, with the increasing adoption of cloud computing it is a requirement to offer this functionality to Office 365 users as well.

With many companies moving to the cloud and adopting Office 365, expectations have changed. Digital transformation is now high on the corporate agenda and decision-makers are looking for solutions that operate natively in a cloud first world.

We had to determine all the touch points linking SYSPRO with Microsoft Office. It was quite a challenging prospect as this project would be the first of its kind in the world and we had to work closely with Microsoft to realize it.

Office 365 now allows our customers to access the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, wherever you go and on all devices. By integrating Office 365 with the already powerful automation and integration capabilities of our ERP Software, customers now have a more effective way of managing and disseminating information across their organization.

SYSPRO has taken simplifying business one step further by integrating Office 365. This provides all the following benefits:

  • With Office 365 integrated into SYSPRO 7, there is no need for a separate desktop installation of Office 365 for you to be able to make use of all the great Office 365 features
  • Exporting: Quickly and easily export to Excel and Office in the cloud without the need for a desktop installation of Office 365
  • Emailing: Integrates industry-leading enterprise reporting and your core business processes into your email system.

We are proud to say we achieved complete integration between SYSPRO 7 and Microsoft Office 365, which now provides a seamless customer experience to extract insights from back – end databases.

PS: Did I mention it’s also a world first?

For more on the Microsoft Office 365 integration into SYSPRO click on Learn More.


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