How to Increase the Value of your ERP

How to Increase the Value of your ERP

Author: | Published: 01 Mar 2016



In recent years when visiting customers, I find the number one issue is around customers who have invested in purchasing a SYSPRO ERP system, but have not continued to maintain that “asset” by investing time in continuous learning and sharing of knowledge.

The result is a modern company believing they have outgrown their SYSPRO ERP product and seeing a re-buy as their only option. The reality is that the ERP system has gone from a tool to a burden due to the lack of attention from the executive. Much like a child requires knowledge and wisdom to transition smoothly into adulthood, so ERP needs similar input in order to leverage its full value.

Thinking about these issues reminds me of myself in my very wise teenage years when I challenged my mom. She would always say, “What I have forgotten you still have to learn”. Now that I am older and (hopefully) wiser, I realize that the smart response would have been that neither of us had the knowledge we were disagreeing on. She had forgotten and I still had to learn.

Apply that analogy to your ERP today. Those folks who have been in a company for many years have often forgotten why and how to fully use the ERP system, while the new folks still have to learn.

There are incidences when our customers are not aware of new features and tools that are available to help them retain their knowledge and simultaneously reduce the time it will take to educate new employees. This information enables a fluid deployment of SYSPRO ERP that grows as the business grows and bridges any gaps that form.

Customers can access videos, known as Feature Demos from the educational area of the SYSPRO portal. In addition, US and Canadian customers can subscribe to a 24/7 learning channel.  It is also possible to request on-site, classroom-based or online power user training.

The key of course is to ensure that, just like you have a budget to maintain and service your capital, equipment and other assets, it is important to have a budget to maintain and service your ERP asset from time to time. Prevention is always better than cure and allowing your staff to grow by empowering them and providing the necessary direction may result in reduced turnover and significant improvements to the workplace.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge turn into monster re-deployment project. Remove the burden by using the tools available and increase your knowledge investment in your staff and your ERP asset. Never allow your business to forget what others must still learn.

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  • Dave Hudson Reply

    Gavin’s comments are spot on. Is this a case of “the bad workmen blaming their tools?”

    March 1, 2016 at 3:24 pm

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