ERP Product Map for the Road Ahead

Are you lost and looking for a guide…? Well then, follow me on an exciting journey as we discover what lies in wait for our customers.

I want to share with you some insights into what is being developed for our SYSPRO ERP product during 2012 and ahead.

The changes envisaged are a healthy mix of responding to customers’ requirements and reacting to the changing economic and technology climate we live in.

There’s no question that mobile devices will play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, and we want our customers to be able to access their data remotely as easily as if they were in the office. To do this we are creating a new mobile platform that will enable both us, as a software developer, and our customers to create applications that will work on any popular device. Perhaps today you wish an application to work on an iPhone and tomorrow on an Android device – no problem! The new mobile platform is designed to ensure that such applications will behave appropriately for the target device. And we want to make sure that our customers can change the behavior of these applications themselves. This has been a fairly important strategy for us over the last few years.

We recognize that our customers have huge amounts of data that needs to be sensibly analyzed, and our next product release, SYSPRO 7.0, will cater for much larger volumes of transactions. We want you to be able to find data easily, which is why we have created a new Enterprise Search facility. You should be able to produce reports as and when you require, which is why we have created a new remote reporting facility – you can run reports directly out of Microsoft Outlook, for example, and you don’t need any SYSPRO applications installed on your device to enable this.

We are developing new ways of entering sales orders, or configuring products so that it’s faster to process transactions and in a more intuitive manner. We want to make it easier for you to be able to take advantage of new technology trends, such as cloud computing and touch-based input devices. Our new mobile platform, for example, is optimized for touch screens either on a mobile device or on a desktop PC. We will be taking advantage of new operating systems, like the upcoming Windows 8 platform (a significant milestone in Microsoft’s history); we are developing applications that specifically target this new operating system to provide a competitive advantage to our customers. Such applications can benefit from being able to leverage off a device’s native capabilities such as Geolocation or built-in camera.

We are building a new SYSPRO App Store that will give you the choice of applications you want for your business that will integrate well with our product. The App Store will provide a seamless experience in purchasing and at the same time provide enormous opportunity for developers to create applications that will be able to reach a much larger audience.

We are continually looking at how we can create focused functionality and build this into our product. We want our product to match your requirements and not the other way round. Our new SYSPRO Point of Sale product is an example of this; an application designed for the customer facing front-end of the retail market yet dovetails perfectly with the back-end office system.

A blog cannot do complete justice to our vision for the future, so have a look at the full SYSPRO offering at, or if you are a SYSPRO customer you can view the detailed product roadmap on the SYSPRO Support Zone.

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