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New Beginnings: Old Dogs Can Learn New ERP Tricks 

It’s interesting that so much change is happening as we approach Easter. A time traditionally to reflect and be inspired by new beginnings. The South African Rand has strengthened, not just as the Dollar weakens, but because there are now new opportunities for manufacturing businesses to grow.Golden egg - among white eggs


We are 40 years young this year and moving forward like a startup on a mission – customer first, partner enabling, staff energizing and a solution changing for the better to take us all into the future. Yes, the ERP-Bunny has arrived with the latest version of SYSPRO. Moving to HTML with Bots, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and much more.


We have seen the guiding light, our market and customers. Some who’ve been with the company for 20 plus years. They’re also innovating into new products, processes and yes you guessed it, they seek new ERP functionality…an enabling and relevant business solution platform to support their future.


Future-proofing ERP


How you say are we doing this? It’s easy. Product Management is checking Manufacturing and Distribution industry players and trends to identify key future functionality needs.


Development is moving the solution to thrive using the best technology and software application design ideas. Add to that Marketing who are helping us understand the markets we focus on as well as communicating with you our partner or customer so we are on the same flotilla of boats for this journey towards cloud first, always on, scalable, ease of use and future proofed ERP.


Oh, and there are new players on the company surfboard extending our solution on the wave of maturing business imperatives. These partners help our customers move into the “shop floor to top floor” information and insight game while managing the “execution to executive” processes when they need to. How?


Prophix, a global partner, adds simplification and automation to budgeting, planning, forecasting and financial consolidation. Tools that move customers towards effective corporate performance management.


SYSPRO MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management), a LYNQ and SYSPRO collaboration, brings advanced planning and scheduling (APS), visibility and Manufacturing analytics to help both operators and equipment achieve optimal productivity and performance targets – OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and OLE (overall labour effectiveness)


So, with all this good news you can see our company ERP-Bunnies have been breeding great ideas and progress – just for you. Happy Easter and see you into the future!

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