4 Reasons Why SYSPRO will Make you Smile this Festive Season

So, you’re expecting a very Merry Christmas this year? With the increase in business set to pour through your door, planning is incredibly important, not only because of the high demand, but also because of the amount of admin that comes with it. Take for instance Samantha, who owns a medium sized bakery. She knows this all too well; planning and being prepared for the festive season is much better than trying to find solutions along the way. By having a detailed plan and scheduling how she will manage her business before the holiday rush sets in, she can rest easy knowing she will be off to a good start.

Avoid the Admin Crunch

Through planning, Samantha can make sure that her business has accurate and real-time information, and that her management team are able to maintain a firm grip on operations. However, I have seen firsthand how planning and scheduling can be a major challenge for businesses. If production and planning do not get the required attention needed, the bakery can suffer high operating costs and losses. This is where a good ERP solution becomes important as it can enable Samantha and her team to create accurate schedules for all the stocktaking and cake deliveries to her customers. This then enables smarter use of her ingredients and her baking equipment, so she can deliver to them on time and in the most cost-effective way.

So, what does a good ERP solution look like?

An effective ERP solution must be flexible, allow the user to create, update and share schedules, plus it should be simple to use for even the most non-technically inclined. The user should be able to provide customers with an accurate delivery date immediately and deliver on this promise. It’s essentially a great business management tool that keeps things running in the background.

Automate Tasks and Save Time

The festive season can be a two-sided coin for Samantha’s Bakery, with a lot of foot traffic occurring. This usually means lots of profit, but also comes with a nightmarish paper trail. In cases like these, automating some of the tasks in production, inventory and distribution can become her saving grace. And the best part is that she’ll be freed up to focus on the more value-adding tasks, and providing excellent client service.

An efficient workflow system can literally mean the difference between success and failure.  In fact, an ERP system workflow like SYSPRO’s can help you:

Work Anywhere from Any Device

Small business owners like Samantha’s Bakery do not have the luxury to close; in fact, they are busiest during the holiday season. The ability to work remotely becomes particularly important for business owners over the festive season. It means, Samantha can literally sit by the beach and enjoy the view while monitoring how her business is doing. She can have greater peace of mind knowing that any information she might need is at her fingertips.

This is exactly what SYSPRO Espresso enables Samantha to do. It gives her the freedom to create applications that will work on any of her devices, instantly and securely. And she can fully customize the look and feel of these applications based on her preference. Samantha can access the data she needs, but can also issue approvals, and because it works well with an HR software, she can pay her employees on time from any location at any time.

 SYSPRO 8 in the New Year

With a little help from SYSPRO, Samantha can be confident that her business will not suffer while she is away and by using this technology, she will be able to achieve all of her business goals during this time.

As forward thinkers, SYSPRO keeps on improving its products and making them more efficient for customers, enhancing their business processes.

The new SYSPRO 8 will bring an integration of several powerful features that will have infinite possibilities for customers. With our 39-year heritage and worldwide network of service personnel, you can be sure we will be there when you need us most.

Look out for the new SYSPRO 8 in the New Year and find out how its features can help you manage your business.


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