Insights on Business Management Software and ERP


Creating Cross-generational Business Technology

At a time when some areas of technology seem to be moving at warp speed, the challenge of implementing new business software can leave one feeling a little thrown. When it comes to technology, not all of us share the same preferences. I recently discussed this with Gavin Verreyne, SYSPRO USA Chief Services Officer, and we agreed that our cross-generational user base possesses distinct differences based on their exposure to different forms of technology. SYSPRO builds its software to [...]

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8 Reasons ERP is a CEO’s Best Friend

Some CEOs may regard ERP as just a business management tool that keeps things running in the background. However, today’s more savvy CEOs are fast recognizing ERP’s ability to significantly transform their businesses and add exponential value and earnings. Here are some of the reasons CEOs are turning to ERP to innovate: (more…)

6 Key Trends in ERP for 2017

ERP remains the backbone of any medium or large business. This is set to remain true looking ahead. But additional functionality, integration ability, and openness to interface with the plethora of new and exciting technologies already here and on the horizon remains critical. The following are some key trends in the industry for the year ahead. (more…)

The Relationship Between Organizational Culture and ERP

Having a great company culture is no longer optional. Today’s employees expect nothing less and regard it as strongly as they do salary and other benefits. Company culture is simply the personality of a company coupled with the core values and ethics, which then supports that company’s processes and procedures. Company culture is the backbone for what an organization does as a collective team to reach an ultimate goal. (more…)

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10 Reasons Why COOs Rely on ERP

Today’s COO is faced with many challenging tasks on a daily basis but none more critical or difficult to quantify than the over-arching responsibility of preserving the organization’s strategic advantage. COOs increasingly require an ERP solution that can deliver efficiencies, support growth initiatives that shrink business cycles and can meaningfully contribute to business performance.  (more…)

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Asking the Right ERP Questions

“How’re you doing?” This is a question that shouldn’t only be asked socially. It’s also an important business tool for both the enquirer and the respondent. Think about it – a customer has the opportunity to voice their pressing concerns and a service provider has the chance to listen to these worries and improve their offering. (more…)