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Financial Reporting Simplified with ERP

We cannot plan the project or meeting for that date, it’s month end. We definitely can’t do training now, finance is up to their ears preparing for month end. The last week and the first week of the month are no go dates as finance will be drafting financials. We don’t have that information yet, finance is still finalizing the financials for last month. (more…)

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Little girl teaching to play synthesizer in music school

In ERP as with all else “Practice Makes Perfect”

My daughter is 8 years old and recently enthused about auditioning for the latest round of Idols but when I told her we would need to practice, so she could give an impressive and polished performance, she frowned. In her head, I think she thought she could just show up and do a song off-the-cuff and that was all there is to it. (more…)

Get Ready for More Changes in ERP Education

Get Ready for More Changes in ERP Education As we roll over into a new year, I am reminded of the old saying that, “A new broom sweeps clean”. The rise of technology means that methods of education and teaching are constantly shifting to keep up with the latest technologies and trends, resulting in a disruption of traditional methods. So as the year ends what have been some of these trends in education we have witnessed? Education Trends Whether it be catching up [...]

How Data Visualization Adds Value to Your Business

Opinions vary around the usefulness of data visualization in making informed and strategic business decisions. If the data visualization adds value and insights it can be very useful to businesses. But if not it is just colorful ‘’noise ‘’. (more…)

General Skills Vital for Sustainable IT Internships

IT companies who train interns in software development, consulting and services often need to impart general and “soft skills” as well to give a strong business context and grounding for trainees to be successful in their training. (more…)

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