35 ERP years young

As SYSPRO celebrates 35 years of being in business today I have been reflecting on what this means on a number of levels.

What does the number 35 mean? The simple answer is ‘5 more than 30’.

Mathematically of course ’35 = 5 x 7’. Coincidently in this same year that we turn 35, we are launching our latest release SYSPRO 7 – very much the continued evolution of our product. Also, SYSPRO 7 will be SYSPRO’s version number 5, following on from STARS, Impact, Award and Encore.

But of greater importance is the significance of this milestone for our customers, both current and future:
35 years of specialized ERP experience
For 35 years we have continued to focus on simplifying business software, building lifetime relationships and seeing ERP as one of the most important drivers of business success. Our customers’ success is reflected in one of the highest retention rates in the industry of 98%. We truly believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers, and since 1978 we have managed to accumulate a client base of more than 15 000 in over 60 countries. This makes us one of the longest standing international vendors of enterprise business solutions with our customers benefitting from the wealth of experience gathered over 35 years of being in operation.

A 35 year old single source solution that allows our customers to scale-up easily
One aspect of SYSPRO that is truly unique in the world of ERP is the single product line which has evolved with customers and their needs into its present offering. This means every SYSPRO module naturally integrates with the rest of the system. Our commitment to one ‘DNA’ has allowed us to focus on quality and continually bring new features to SYSPRO’s products providing a product which is flexible and future-proof. At the same time, the software has not become monolithic; as an early adopter of service-oriented architecture (SOA), we have made it easier for our customers to integrate their ERP system with other systems, and for specific customized applications to be developed.

An independent heritage
SYSPRO remains a privately held company and this has meant we have never compromised quality for profit, focusing wholly on product value and long-term customer relationships. This has also meant our customers are part of a global forum where everyone has an interest in seeing the product improved. For 35 years we have invested in developing a deep understanding of the business and management environment of our customers and the market. Our product development strategy is driven by a conscious effort to deliver the right product with the right technology at the right time using research from a wide array of resources, including long-standing customers and partners.

An accumulation of awards and recognition
Over the 35 years SYSPRO has been recognized by a variety of organizations. Ranging from being on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies in 2009 and 2010; to being a Microsoft Gold Partner, honored as ISV of the Year in 2004 and being invited to participate in a number of Technology Adoption Programs (TAP); to annually receiving awards from top global IT bodies such as MSI Magazine, VAR Business Magazine, Logistics Management Magazine and Software Magazine, START Magazine, People’s Choice Stevie Awards and Golden Bridge.

Where-to from here
The successful evolution of our single product and continued growth of the company from very humble beginnings to an internationally recognized ERP player can be attributed to the passion of the staff, partners and customers past and present who have helped build on this success.

If you have been part of the SYSPRO world during the last 35 years, what are your comments about your experiences with the company, with the product, and with the people?

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