How to Ensure a Successful ERP Implementation – Part 3

How to ensure a successful erp implementation

This is the third and final part of my blog series on a successful ERP implementation. Although the process can be challenging, there are ways in which you can identify and rectify potential stumbling blocks before they hamper the performance of your chosen solution:



For an implementation to be truly successful, end users will need thorough training to ensure that your business gets the best out of your new ERP system. Rather than rely solely on your chosen vendor to deliver the training, which is both costly and impractical on a long-term basis, your vendor should train key people in your business so that they are fully equipped to train up other staff members.


Integrated IT and Business Solutions

Once ERP implementation is complete and the new system has been fully embraced by the whole business, our customers often look for ways in which they can become even more optimally positioned for a fully digitised industrial new age. Seamless end-to-end supply chain integration, where subsystems communicate with each other, is the pinnacle that forward-thinking manufacturers are trying to reach. Thanks to our partnerships with a number of industry-leading software and solutions providers, this is something that we at K3 Syspro can provide. We have carefully selected a number of partners who are highly-respected providers of software products that add value to our customers and their end users.

Obstacles to Post-implementation Performance

We have witnessed some relatively small businesses really struggle with their ERP implementations. These businesses go live in a relatively short period of time, but fail to realise the full potential of the system they have purchased. The three common obstacles small businesses face post implementation are: Adhering to old ways of inputting and analysing data, failing to undertake thorough training and education within the new system and failing to review business intelligence regularly. With the right ERP partner on board, businesses should never face these obstacles. With K3 Syspro support continues long after the go-live date.

New Implementation Methodology

Hopefully these tried and tested tips will give you an insight into how best to manage an ERP implementation. Remember that there is no failsafe plan to implementing ERP because every business is unique and every implementation will have its own setbacks. However, based on our extensive experience in this field, SYSPRO have developed our new IDEAL Implementation Methodology. IDEAL is a scalable, structured and phased approach consisting of pre-defined inputs, activities and outputs, which together deliver a solution that meets customers’ implementation objectives.

The foundation of IDEAL lies in the project controls and governance activities which we perform throughout the implementation. Best practices in project management ensure that each project is meeting its defined objectives and remains on track within the defined scope. It also ensures costs are kept within budget and that resources are being managed effectively. You can find out more about IDEAL here.


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