Oakville Stamping & Bending Limited (OS&B)

SYSPRO is an important strategic core platform for us to manage our business and keep us organized.
– Kevin Ernst , General Manager at Oakville Stamping & Bending Limited

Customer Profile

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, OS&B is a leading manufacturer of bathtub overflows, drains, fittings and other plumbing parts. Established in 1975, OS&B manufactures for and supplies to plumbing wholesalers and some of the largest OEM brands in the world. They offer in-house product design and testing to address specific business requirements. Over the years OS&B has expanded and acquired other companies in the plastic molding business.

The Business Challenge

Early on, OS&B used to receive numerous small orders for various SKUs from their customers. Since the quantities were small, they leveraged several third-party tools with SYSPRO ERP and built a custom application to automate processes and get jobs done in a single day. However, as they grew, their order sizes increased, and their custom applications could neither account for the lead times they needed nor organize daily production requirements. They wanted a way to efficiently utilize their work-centers and fulfill orders on time and needed a solution flexible enough to facilitate business process customization.

The Solution

OS&B relied on the foundation that they had built with SYSPRO and worked with Phoenix Systems, a SYSPRO partner, to efficiently manage their manufacturing operations. SYSPRO’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module was implemented so that parts are available at the right time for production and capacity utilization is optimized. Then, OS&B chose SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution to streamline job scheduling.

The Outcome

OS&B gained the ability to optimize capacity utilization and clearly determine the lead times required to produce SKUs in specified quantities without manual intervention. SYSPRO’s open architecture facilitated integration with their third-party tools to automate and customize business processes which significantly reduced errors.

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