Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (the engine behind AI) gives computers the ability to make sense of and learn from data to perform specific tasks without manual interference. It provides analysis and insights to users, addressing the large amounts of structured and unstructured business and industry data that companies increasingly need to consider as part of their decision-making process.

SYSPRO’s practical application of ML and AI provides an improved user experience and enables organizations to take advantage of these new technologies to become more efficient.

Key benefits of AI and ML

  • Predictions: Use historical data to predict the future. Examples from a seasonal perspective we can predict when a customer might purchase a particular product. Or use historical data to predict when a customer might default on payments based on past behavior
  • Anomaly Detection: This is where our AI engine listens to operator activity. This is typically used to capture fraudulent transactions or even incorrect keystrokes. As an example, Joe Blogs ordinarily captures 10 sales orders with an average value of $7000. On one day Joe Blogs captures a sales order for $100000. The AI engine will flag this transaction as an anomaly for someone in the organization who can determine whether this is valid or fraudulent
  • Computer Vision: Used currently by the Autonomous car to detect objects. With SYSPRO ERP, this capability can assist with health and safety regulations on the factory floor, for quality assurance. For example, using facial recognition to detect who is authorized to use machines or forklifts; or taking pictures of products as they come off the production line to provide real-time quality checks

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